Thought Leadership: Effective Use of Influential Marketing Techniques

  • 6h 58m
  • Laurie Young
  • Kogan Page
  • 2013

Thought leadership consists of companies establishing a relationship with and delivering something of value to their customers that aligns with their brand and company value. In the process they go beyond merely selling a product or service and establish their brand and company as the expert in that field and differentiate themself from competitors.

Laurie Young focuses on the tools, techniques and effects of thought leadership as a marketing principle. His book Thought Leadership provides a topical analysis of what thought leadership is, how it works, how to create a thought leadership strategy and what the results are likely to be.

Analyzing both the strengths and weaknesses of this core marketing technique, Young provides marketing strategists with the tools and knowledge required to fully take advantage of this often mysterious, but always effective marketing technique.

About the Author

Laurie Young was a specialist in the marketing of services. He held senior positions with PricewaterhouseCoopers, BT and Unisys.

In this Book

  • What on Earth is Thought Leadership?
  • Who has Used it Before? Thought Leadership in Business History
  • Where does Thought Leadership Come From?
  • Components of Success and Failure
  • Communicating and Disseminating Thought Leadership
  • Thought Leadership Strategy and Planning
  • An Evolving Discipline