Trends and Innovations in Marketing Information Systems

  • 11h 28m
  • Theodosios Tsiakis (ed)
  • IGI Global
  • 2015

Information technology has helped to facilitate the development of various marketing techniques, thus enabling a more efficient distribution of the data that are essential to business success. These advances have equipped managers with superior tools to interpret available consumer and product data and use this information as part of their strategic planning.

Trends and Innovations in Marketing Information Systems features the latest prevailing technological functions and procedures necessary to promote new developments in promotional tools and methods. Bringing together extensive discussions on the role of digital tools in customer relationship management, social media, and market performance, this book is an essential reference source for business professionals, managers, and researchers interested in the use of current technology to improve marketing practice.

About the Editor

Theodosios Tsiakis is a Lecturer of Management of Information Systems with the Dept. of Marketing of the Alexandrian Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki. He holds a PhD in Information Security Economics from the Univ. of Macedonia, Greece. His research interests include information security economics, risk, trust and human factors. He has published several articles in the above area, as well as in the broader area of Management of Information Systems.

In this Book

  • Web 2.0 Technologies and Marketing
  • Information Technology Communication: Main Challenges and Pitfalls to Marketing and Management – Evidence from Curitiba (in Brazil)
  • Artificial Intelligence: Marketing’s Game Changer
  • Business Management and New Technologies to Improve the Services
  • The Treacherous Path of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the Role of Information Systems in its Implementation
  • Managing Digital Bonds in the Buyer-Supplier Relationships
  • The Role of Customer Relationship Management in the Global Business Environments
  • Data-Driven Customer Centricity: CRM Predictive Analytics
  • Social Media as Marketing Information Systems Co-Creation in Viral Video Advertising
  • The Rise of Relationship Marketing with Social Media
  • Social Media Performance Measurement
  • The Role of Online Social Networking in the Recruitment Context
  • Online Pricing and Auctions
  • Risk Management, Trust and Repeat Online Shopping Intentions: A South African Perspective
  • Confronting the Challenges of Asymmetry of Information and Competition: The Rise of eBay
  • Successful New Product Planning
  • Upgrading Marketing Research: Neuromarketing Tools for Understanding Consumers
  • Examining the Brand Communication Tools that Impact Brand Preferences of Women Consumer Buying Intentions-Empirical Investigation of Middle East