Trust-Based Selling: Using Customer Focus and Collaboration to Build Long-term Relationships

  • 4h 27m
  • Charles H. Green
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2006

Sales based on trust are uniquely powerful. Learn from Charles Green, co-author of the bestseller The Trusted Advisor how to deserve and, therefore, earn a buyer’s trust.

Buyers prefer to buy from people they trust. However, salespeople are often mistrusted. Trust-Based Selling shows how trust between buyer and seller is created and explains how both sides benefit from it. Heavy with practical examples and suggestions, the book reveals why trust goes hand-in-hand with profit; how trust differentiates you from other sellers; and how to create trust in negotiations, closings, and when answering the six toughest sales questions. Trust-Based Selling is a must for anyone in sales, is especially invaluable for sellers of complex, intangible services.

About the Author

Charles H. Green is president of Trusted Advisor Associates, specializing in helping Fortune 500 business improve their trust-based relationships and business development skills.

In this Book

  • Trust-Based Selling—Using Customer Focus and Collaboration to Build Long-term Relationships
  • Introduction
  • How Buyers Buy
  • Trust-Based Selling
  • The Business Case for Trust
  • A Primer On Trust
  • Trust Is Not a Business Process
  • Live The Principles
  • Sell By Doing, Not By Telling
  • Avoid Mistakes In The Trust Creation Process
  • Check Your Ego At The Door
  • The Relationship Is Not The Sum Of The Transactions
  • The New ABCs: Don’t Always Be Closing
  • Build Trust Into Your Negotiations
  • Be A Radical Truth-Teller
  • Make Listening A Gift, Not A Skill
  • Work The Same Side Of The Table
  • Pick The Right Customers
  • Answering The Six Toughest Sales Questions
  • Walking The Walk— Small Things Add Up
  • The High Cost Of Winning
  • Attitude and Other Obstacles To Trust In Selling
  • Teach Product People Sales Or Teach Salespeople Product?
  • Differentiation By Selling, Not Branding
  • Talking Straight About Price
  • Dealing With RFPs and Purchasing Agents
  • Killing Trust With Measurements and Rewards
  • Postscript