TypeScript Quickly

  • 7h 39m
  • Anton Moiseev, Yakov Fain
  • Manning Publications
  • 2020


TypeScript is JavaScript with an important upgrade! By adding a strong type system to JavaScript, TypeScript can help you eliminate entire categories of runtime errors. In TypeScript Quickly, you’ll learn to build rock-solid apps through practical examples and hands-on projects under the expert instruction of experienced web developers Yakov Fain and Anton Moiseev.

About the technology

Strong typing can eliminate nearly all errors caused by unanticipated data values. With TypeScript, an enhanced version of JavaScript, you can specify types and type annotations so your code is easier to read and far less likely to fail at runtime. And because the core of TypeScript is standard JavaScript, it runs on all major browsers and can be used with frameworks like Angular, Vue, and React.

About the book

TypeScript Quickly teaches you to exploit the benefits of types in browser-based and standalone applications. In this practical guide, you’ll build a fascinating blockchain service app that takes you through a range of type-sensitive programming techniques. As you go, you’ll also pick up valuable techniques for object-oriented programming with classes, interfaces, and advanced features such as decorators and conditional types.

What's inside

  • Mastering TypeScript syntax
  • Using TypeScript with JavaScript libraries
  • Tooling with Babel and Webpack
  • Developing TypeScript apps using Angular, React, and Vue

About the reader

For web developers comfortable with JavaScript and HTML.

About the Authors

Yakov Fain and Anton Moiseev are experienced web developers. They have authored two editions of Manning’s Angular Development with TypeScript.

In this Book

  • About This Book
  • About the Cover Illustration
  • Getting familiar with TypeScript
  • Basic and Custom Types
  • Object-Oriented Programming with Classes and Interfaces
  • Using Enums and Generics
  • Decorators and Advanced Types
  • Tooling
  • Using TypeScript and JavaScript in the Same Project
  • Developing Your Own Blockchain App
  • Developing a Browser-Based Blockchain Node
  • Client-Server Communications Using Node.js, TypeScript, and WebSockets
  • Developing Angular Apps with TypeScript
  • Developing the Blockchain Client in Angular
  • Developing React.js Apps with TypeScript
  • Developing a Blockchain Client in React.js
  • Developing Vue.js apps with TypeScript
  • Developing the Blockchain Client in Vue.js


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