User Experience Design: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth

  • 4h 38m
  • Satyam Kantamneni
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2022

Igniting business growth through UX

In an increasingly digital world, users are rewarding products and services that provide them with a good experience and punishing those that don’t — with their wallets. Organizations realize they need to adapt quickly but don’t know how or where to start.

In User Experience Design: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth, UXReactor co-Founder Satyam Kantamneni distills 25 years of industry experience into a pragmatic approach to help organizations advance in the highly competitive and rapidly changing digital world.

You’ll discover:

  • Why putting users at the center of strategy leads to an almost unfair competitive advantage
  • Ways to build an organizational system that delivers a superior user experience that is replicable, consistent, and scalable
  • Common shortfalls that prevent organizations from reaping the value of experience design
  • 27 proven “plays” from the UXReactor playbook to put concepts into practice
  • Game planning examples to execute at different levels of an organization

A comprehensive and practical book for everyone involved in the transformation — business leaders, design leaders, product managers, engineers, and designers — User Experience Design: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth is also an ideal blueprint for current and prospective UX practitioners seeking to improve their skills and further their careers.

About the Author

Satyam Kantamneni (Pleasanton, CA; is co-founder and Managing Partner, UXReactor, a fast-growing user experience design consulting firm with 50 consultants across four global locations. Satyam has led user experience design and product evolution for multiple Fortune 500 Companies. He has two decades of experience leading and building design teams for organizations such as PayPal, Citrix, and FIS. His work has been featured in UXPA Magazine, CIOReview, and Forbes.

In this Book

  • Preface
  • Case Study of Altedukation—Going Digital is Not the Sole Determinant of Great Outcomes
  • Introduction—Merging Roles of Business, Technology, and Design
  • The User Experience Problem—Understanding this Problem is Half the Battle
  • Experience Value Chain—Creating Business Value by Solving the User Experience Problem
  • Business Insanity—Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result
  • Two Case Studies of Experience Transformation—Learning From the Leaders
  • Getting the System Right—Implementing Four Elements of a Winning System
  • Mindsets of a User‐Centric Organization—What Can We Learn From a 15th Century Polymath
  • The Experience Design Process—Creating a Structure that Facilitates Success
  • Getting the Right People Right—Aligning Skills, Roles, and Personnel in a User‐Centric Organization
  • The Transformation Starts With You—Preparing Yourself to Lead the Charge
  • How to Navigate the Playbook—Creating Your Own Learning Journey Based on Your Intent
  • How to Read a Play—Understanding the Mindful Way of Getting to Your Intent
  • User Empathy Play—How Do i Develop Enough Understanding to Truly Empathize With My User?
  • Experience Strategy—Introduction—Building the Right Scaffolding for a User‐Centric Organization
  • Culture Design Play—How Do i Foster a User‐First Organizational Environment?
  • Shared Empathy Play—How Do i Grow the Collective User Empathy of My Organization?
  • Experience Ecosystem Play—How Do i Build a Seamless Experience for the User Across the Entire Ecosystem?
  • Experience Roadmap Play—How Do i Create a Roadmap Centered Around the Experience of a User?
  • Experience Vision Play—How Do i Create an Experience Vision That Activates My Organization?
  • Hiring Play—How Do i Hire Experience Practitioners?
  • Career Ladder Play—How Do i Enable Experience Practitioners to Grow Professionally in their Careers?
  • Experience Transformation Program Play—How Do i Build a Robust Program Around Experience Transformation?
  • User Research Insights—Introduction—Building and Activating the Portfolio of Insights
  • Picking a Research Method Play—How Do i Know Which Method to Use to Gather Insights?
  • Research Recruitment Play—How Do i Recruit the Right Participants for User Research?
  • Research Quality Play—How Do i Ensure Rigor in My User Research?
  • Experience Metrics Play—How Do i Measure the Success and Quality of My User’s Experience?
  • Insights Curation Play—How Do i Consolidate and Leverage Research Insights?
  • User Research Program Play—How Do i Run an Effective Research Program?
  • Product Thinking—Introduction—Building a System to Identify, Prioritize and Coordinate the Right Problems
  • Experience Benchmarking Play—How Do i Define Baseline and Best‐in‐Class Product Experiences?
  • Experience Design Brief Play—How Do i Align for Success at the Beginning of the Design Phase?
  • Design Problems and Opportunities Play—How Do i Decide What are the Right Problems to Solve?
  • Product Experience Planning Play—How Do i Ensure the Delivery of a Great Product Experience?
  • Cross‐Functional Collaboration Play—How Do i Collaborate Across the Organization to Drive Seamless and Informed Product Experience Design?
  • Product Thinking Program Play—How Do i Catalyze Great Product Experiences?
  • Experience Design Doing—Introduction—Building an Effective “Solutioning” Rhythm in Your Organization
  • Workflow Design Play—How Do i Systematically Optimize and Design Experiences?
  • Detailed Design Play—How Do i Hone in on Effective and Quality Designs?
  • Experience Design Review Play—How Should an Experience Design Review Be Run?
  • Design System Play—How Do i Build and Scale Experience Designs With High Consistency and Quality?
  • Design Quality Assurance (QA) Play—How Do i Test the Quality of the Designed vs. Engineered Experience Designs?
  • Experience Design Doing Program Play—How Do i Run an Effective Experience Design Doing Program?
  • A Business Leader’s Game Plan—Contrasting the Journey of Two Leaders in Different Business Contexts
  • A Design Leader’s Game Plan—Two Journeys—Mature bv.d vs. Immature bv.d
  • A Design Practitioner’s Game Plan—A Journey of a Successful Experience Strategist
  • A Newbie Practitioner’s Game Plan—The Successful Career Transitions of an Architect and a Communication Graduate
  • A Design Collaborator’s Game Plan—A Product Manager and an Engineer’s Journey in Becoming Awesome Collaborators
  • The Manifestos
  • Where to Go to Learn More?
  • The Players Behind the Playbook
  • References


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