What's Your Type of Career?: Find Your Perfect Career by Using Your Personality Type, Second Edition

  • 6h 38m
  • Donna Dunning
  • Nicholas Brealey Publishing
  • 2010

We spend at least one-third of our lives working. But what makes work meaningful and rewarding? Career expert Donna Dunning writes that work is satisfying if it interests you and allows you to do the things you enjoy. But she also notes that work that is interesting and enjoyable for one person may be totally unsuitable for another. She states that is because of people's differing personalities. Whether you are just starting out, looking for a change, exploring business ideas, or thinking about retirement activities, What's Your Type of Career will show readers how to find work in that perfect career.

About the Author

Donna Dunning, PhD, is a psychologist, author, consultant, certified teacher and member of the MBTI International Training Faculty. She specializes in the areas of career development, learning and work performance. For over 25 years, she has provided consulting services for a wide range of clients in the public and private sector. She has appeared on Canada AM, CTV, CBC Radio, Access TV and Workopolis TV discussing topics related to human development and workplace performance. Her articles have appeared in Work Span and other human resources publications and web sites.

Donna is the author of more than a dozen publications, including What’s Your Type of Career?, Introduction to Type and Communication, TLC at Work, Introduction to Type and Learning and her newest book, 10 Career Essentials.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Personality Type
  • Responders: Act and Adapt
  • Explorers: Innovate and Initiate
  • Expeditors: Direct and Decide
  • Contributors: Communicate and Cooperate
  • Assimilators: Specialize and Stabilize
  • Visionaries: Interpret and Implement
  • Analyzers: Examine and Evaluate
  • Enhancers: Care and Connect
  • Taking Stock
  • Shaping Your Career