WordPress: Pushing the Limits

  • 7h 28m
  • Rachel McCollin
  • John Wiley & Sons (UK)
  • 2013

Take WordPress beyond its comfort zone

As the most popular open source blogging tool, WordPress is being used to power increasingly advanced sites, pushing it beyond its original purpose. In this unique book, the authors share their experiences and advice for working effectively with clients, manage a project team, develop with WordPress for larger projects, and push WordPress beyond its limits so that clients have the customized site they need in order to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

  • Explains that there is more than one approach to a WordPress challenge and shows you how to choose the one that is best for you, your client, and your team
  • Walks you through hosting and developing environments, theme building, and contingency planning
  • Addresses working with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and CSS

WordPress: Pushing the Limits encourages you to benefit from the experiences of seasoned WordPress programmers so that your client's site can succeed.

About the Author

Rachel McCollin comes from a learning and development background and started using her business experience to run a web design agency in 2010. She soon realized that developing sites with WordPress would meet her clients' needs better than building static sites and now develops exclusively with WordPress.

In this Book

  • WordPress as a Professional Web Development Tool
  • Kicking Off a WordPress Project
  • Content Organization and Relationships
  • Customizing the WordPress Admin
  • Development and Hosting Environments
  • Avoiding and Dealing with Disaster
  • Theme Building: Frameworks, Standalone Themes, or Child Themes?
  • Conditional Display: Functions, Template Files, and Styling
  • Custom Functionality in Theme Functions and Plugins
  • Making Your Site Soar: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Device Compatibility: Responsive and Mobile Development
  • Releasing Your Code to the Public