Working Relationships: Using Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Your Effectiveness with Others, Revised Edition

  • 4h 15m
  • Bob Wall
  • Intercultural Press
  • 2008

From C-level executives to front-line supervisors, the research is clear: emotional competencies are more important than training, IQ, and technical experience in determining who succeeds and fails at work. Into this exciting business arena, the revised and expanded edition of Working Relationships takes its rightful place as a classic toolkit for mastering the personal characteristics and social abilities of emotional intelligence (EQ), with new contributions that include two chapters focused exclusively in the power of EQ to influence success regardless of job type, level of education, or scope of responsibility.

About the Author

Bob Wall has been an independent consultant since 1980, specializing in accelerating change in leaders and organizations. His projects include organizational assessment, planning, and executive and team development. He also creates events to help clients achieve specific organizational objectives and is certified to interpret the Simmons EQ Profile assessment, a measure of emotional intelligence.

Bob's written works include The Mission-Driven Organization, The Handbook of Interpersonal Skills Training, and Coaching for Emotional Intelligence. His clients include Praxair, Inc., BIC Corporation, CapitalOne Auto Finance, Aon, State Farm Insurance, Alliance Data Systems, Asymetrix, Nextel, Microsoft, Cessna Aircraft, John Fluke Manufacturing, Intermec, and General Reinsurance.

In this Book

  • Introduction to the Revised Edition
  • Working Together
  • Why Sheer Brainpower Doesn't Guarantee Success
  • Working with Friends and Colleagues
  • The Challenge of Conflict
  • When Behavior Falls Short of Good Intentions
  • When You Are Your Own Worst Enemy
  • Building Teams and Professionalizing Conflict
  • Participating in Decision Making
  • Emotional Intelligence—Putting It All Together
  • Preparing for Challenging Conversations
  • Managing the Conversation for Raising Issues
  • Living Up to Your Aspirations
  • Deepening Your Relationships
  • Notes