Your Second Phase: Reclaiming work and relationships during and after menopause

  • 3h 8m
  • Kate Usher
  • LID Publishing Ltd
  • 2020

Menopause is a fact of every woman's life. For approximately 75% of women, the symptoms they experience will have a detrimental effect on their ability to work, interact with colleagues and maintain relationships with those they love. It can have a corrosive effect on women's confidence, social ability and even their sense of self.

Moving forward, it is important to create a conversation around Menopause and how organizations and individuals can be more empathetic to women during this stage of life. In this book, Kate explores the best ways to cope with these changes, how to manage new and existing relationships, and how to manage your future – all in an accessible and entertaining way.

About the Author

Kate Usher is a highly experienced Menopause and Relationships Coach, working with women on the successful creation, development and growth of personal and career relationships during this period of intense and unpredictable change. She combines her extensive experience as a corporate change leader and her own Menopausal journey to deliver a uniquely positive approach.

In this Book

  • Menopause Facts and Figures
  • Duration
  • Symptoms (Part One)
  • Severity
  • Variation, Variation, Variation
  • Summary
  • You, Now
  • You and Your Perceptions of Your Transitioning Self
  • Symptoms (Part Two)
  • The When, How and What of It
  • Future You
  • Want to Turn Back the Hands of Time?
  • Dream Big
  • Five- and Ten-Year Plans
  • Summary
  • Your Work Relationships: Introduction
  • Context: Society
  • Context: The Organization
  • You at Work
  • Your Symptoms at Work
  • Your Manager
  • Your Peers
  • Your Team
  • Tips for Tricky Situations
  • Your Organization
  • Summary
  • Your Personal Relationships: Introduction
  • Context: Society
  • Context: Private Lives
  • You and Your Partner
  • For Your Partner
  • Children
  • Summary
  • Your New Relationship: Introduction
  • Context: Society
  • Context: Dating
  • You
  • Brain Games
  • Red Flags
  • Intimacy
  • Holding Off the 'M' Conversation
  • A Successful 'M' Conversation with Your New Partner
  • Summary


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