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Building Data Pipelines

Building Data Pipelines

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Explore data pipelines and methods of processing them with and without ETL. Creating data pipelines using Apache Airflow is also covered.

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Lesson Objectives

Building Data Pipelines

  • describe data pipelines and automation
  • build a traditional ETL pipeline with batch processing
  • build a ETL pipeline with stream processing
  • setup and install Apache Airflow
  • describe the key concepts of Apache Airflow
  • create and instantiate a directed acyclic graph in Airflow
  • use tasks and include arguments in Airflow
  • use dependencies in Airflow
  • build an ETL pipeline with Airflow
  • build an automated pipeline without using ETL
  • test Airflow tasks using the airflow command line utility
  • use Apache Airflow to create a data pipeline
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