Data Integration: EAI Patterns beginner
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Data integration is the process of combining data from different sources into an application. Explore the software and tools that are used in data integration.


EAI Patterns: EAI Fundamentals & Environment Setup

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Installation & Introduction

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EAI Patterns: EAI Fundamentals & Environment Setup
How do you get enterprise applications to work together This course explores application integration challenges and enterprise server bus features that distribute tasks among connected components. You will begin by identifying key Apache ServiceMix characteristics. Next, explore the benefits of Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) that help resolve various integration issues. From there, you can move on to discover pattern categories, such as endpoint, message construction, routing, transformation, and message endpoint. Other topics include how to how to install ServiceMix, work with the console, and implement an integration via Camel route. You'll also examine the role of EIP asynchronous messaging. Conclude by learning how to install and configure Kafka, and integrate it with Camel.
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EAI Patterns: Language & Transformation Patterns
Explore the world of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) patterns and how they are used to build build end-to-end integration products. In this course, you will start with identifying the common messaging channels that used in pattern implementation. Next you will learn how to configure message channels and implement message queues with Kafka. Consider message features and variations used to build EAI patterns. Examine types of Kafka Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used to manage messaging. Write a simple producer and consumer API with Kafka. Watch how to create source streams. See how to implement a content enricher, a content filter, and the Kafka Polling Consumer. Finally, review messaging protocols and consumer types.
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EAI Patterns: Message Routing Pattern Implementation
Explore message routing patterns that manage message destination discovery and the characteristics of Content-Based Routing (CBR). During this course you will start, by identifying essential XPath elements, the syntax that defines parts of an XML document. Next, learn how to implement the XPath splitter pattern and CBR, using ServiceMix, Camel, and Kafka. Consider dynamic router benefits. Examine features of a recipient list that forward messages in a single transmission. Review use cases for splitter, aggregator, resequencer, route slip, and scatter-gather patterns. Finally, as an exercise, you will use Kafka to implement splitter, aggregator, and resequencer patterns.
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EAI Patterns: Overview of Apache Camel
Explore the basics of Apache Camel and how to implement EIP through various Camel features. During this course you will learn how to use Camel to manipulate and transfer from input endpoint to output endpoint. Next, study Camel Java Persistence Architecture (JPA) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) components, routing, and DSL syntax. Examine Camel advanced capabilities for auto-discovery and file operations. See how to use Camel to implement a sample EIP and a Wire Tap pattern. Finally, as a review exercise, you will install Camel, create a Camel project, and configure CamelContext with the JBoss Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
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Installation & Introduction
Talend provides an easy way to get big data integration projects done quickly and with less overhead. Explore the Talend installation process, as well as the user interface and all its intricacies.
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Transforming Data
Using Talend, it is possible to easily combine, transform, and update data. Discover techniques for extracting and converting data from various sources with Talend, as well as how to work with databases.
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Data Mapping
Talend has several tools that make it a powerful and cost-effective suite. Explore data operations in Talend, including data mapping, aggregation, and processing, and normalizing/denormalizing data.
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Job Orchestrations & Process Automation
One of the fundamental components of a Talend project is a job. Discover how to work with jobs, subjobs, and job scheduling processes, as well as automated operations in Talend.
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