EAI Patterns: Language & Transformation Patterns

EAI Patterns    |    Intermediate
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Explore the world of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) patterns and how they are used to build build end-to-end integration products. In this course, you will start with identifying the common messaging channels that used in pattern implementation. Next you will learn how to configure message channels and implement message queues with Kafka. Consider message features and variations used to build EAI patterns. Examine types of Kafka Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) used to manage messaging. Write a simple producer and consumer API with Kafka. Watch how to create source streams. See how to implement a content enricher, a content filter, and the Kafka Polling Consumer. Finally, review messaging protocols and consumer types.


  • illustrate the elements that are used to depict the structure of patterns and the visual notations
    list the messaging channels that are typically used in implementing EAI patterns
    configure message channels using Kafka
    implement message queues using Kafka
    recall the message variations that are used to construct EAI patterns
    describe the essential message features that play an essential role in EAI pattern implementation
    list the types of API that are typically used in Kafka to manage messaging
    produce and consume messages using the Kafka API
    create source streams and implement transformation
  • describe the transformation patterns that can be implemented to manage message transformation
    demonstrate the implementation approaches of Content Enricher
    demonstrate the process involved in implementing Content Filter
    implement message flow with a real-time case study
    list the essential messaging protocols that can be used to implement asynchronous messaging
    recall types of message consumers, including event-driven and polling consumers
    implement Polling Consumer using Kafka
    implement message transformation patterns using Kafka



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