Administrative Skills

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Learn essential skills for effective administration and understanding administrative processes.


Administrative Support: Developing Your Essential Skills

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    Administrative Support: Developing Your Essential Skills
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    Working with Records: Alphabetic Classification
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Administrative Support: Developing Your Essential Skills
Whether you're an office administrator, an office assistant, a personal assistant, or an administrative assistant, to achieve professional success and enhance the value of your role, you need to optimize your knowledge of administrator essentials. Mastering skills that every administrative professional needs to perform will prepare you for handling wide-ranging and ever-changing tasks. In this course, you'll learn the classification systems for sorting records, key tasks in arranging business travel, and the steps for planning, scheduling, and recording meetings. 
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Administrative Support: Working in Partnership with Your Boss
Whether you're an office administrator, an office assistant, a personal assistant, or an administrative assistant, job satisfaction and career advancement require you to build a partnership with your boss. Good boss relationships involve mastering administrator essentials, dealing effectively with different management styles and handling confrontations. In this course, you'll learn about building and maintaining a true partnership with your boss and how this can be beneficial. You'll also discover approaches for dealing with different management styles, as well as various techniques for handling any confrontations you may have with your boss. 
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Administrative Support: Interacting Effectively with Colleagues
Dealing with people on a daily basis can be both rewarding and challenging. Whether you're an office administrator, an office assistant, a personal assistant, or an administrative assistant, it's important to be able to handle various encounters in a professional and effective manner. Mastering administrator essentials and good peer relationships will increase your efficiency, job satisfaction, and career advancement. In this course, you'll learn how to master the skills of being an administrative support professional. You'll also learn how to interact effectively with colleagues by asking for help from others, dealing with criticism, and building trust, morale, and respect.
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Administrative Support: A Positive Professional Image
Mastering administrator essentials requires working on your communication skills. Whether you're an office administrator, an office assistant, a personal assistant, or an administrative assistant, you'll need to navigate the world of office politics while trying to remain true to who you are. In this course, you'll explore best practices for making a good impression as an administrative professional. You'll learn about projecting a professional image by building credibility, communicating honestly, respecting others, and practicing positive office politics.
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Taking Effective and Professional Notes
Skilled note taking can make you more productive in business situations. Writing notes and engaging in written communication also provide an effective record to review when necessary. In this course, you'll learn tools, techniques, and grammar strategies for effective note taking in interviews and meetings. You'll also learn ways to write notes that help you learn and recall information, to make it easier to communicate to others.
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Book Summary

The Definitive Executive Assistant and Managerial Handbook: A Professional Guide to Leadership for all PAs, Senior Secretaries, Office Managers and Executive Assistants
The Definitive Executive Assistant and Managerial Handbook explores how administrative roles have evolved in the 21st century. In this Summary, we discuss the salient points of the book based on our interpretation of its contents.
Book Duration 10m
Book Authors By Sue France


Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook, Fifth Edition
Covering the many aspects of an administrative assistant’s job, this guide is an ideal how-to book for newcomers and a handy reminder for veterans and provides a comprehensive, all-purpose business reference that with the information you need quickly and concisely.
Book Duration 9h 39m
Book Authors By James Stroman, Jennifer Wauson, Kevin Wilson


Skills for the Administrative Assistant: Study Guide, Student Edition
Including learning objectives, a pre-course assessment, as well as a pre-assignment, this practical book will teach you about working to the best of your abilities, and encouraging the best in those who work with you, or for you.
Book Duration 1h 7m
Book Authors By GTS Learning


Interpersonal Savvy: Building and Maintaining Solid Working Relationships
The success of your daily interactions with others can make or break your success in the workplace. This concise guidebook shows you how to utilize interpersonal savvy to make the most out of negative situations, develop and lead others, and create a positive working environment.
Book Duration 23m
Book Authors By Center for Creative Leadership


How to Organize Yourself, Fifth Edition
With great tips on how to determine your goals, prioritize your tasks and manage your time, this book is packed with practical content and inspiring guidance that will enable you to take control of your workload, reduce stress and fatigue, and free up time for the things that really matter.
Book Duration 2h 34m
Book Authors By John Caunt


Taking Minutes of Meetings
Authored by a training consultant and secretarial education expert, this practical resource is a no-nonsense, self-teaching tool instructing the potential committee secretary in the theory and application of proper forms for taking minutes (records) of a meeting.
Book Duration 2h 8m
Book Authors By Joanna Gutmann


Effective Email: Concise, Clear Writing to Advance Your Business Needs (2014 Edition)
In today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment, we all need to communicate clearly and use our time productively. This concise guide presents tips, tools, and ideas that can improve the quality — and reduce the quantity — of email in the workplace.
Book Duration 1h 11m
Book Authors By Natasha Terk


The Definitive Personal Assistant & Secretarial Handbook, 3rd Edition
Placing special emphasis on career development and learning, this comprehensive and accessible guide covers all the skills needed to progress one’s career, offering advice and help with time management, networking, relationship management, communication, and confidence.