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Discover how to work with and manipulate Microsoft Exchange Server, the powerful mail and messaging component for Windows Server.


Planning for Mailbox Servers

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    Mail Processing
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Planning for Mailbox Servers
Planning and deployment are crucial to ensuring a successful Mailbox server implementation. Learn about this step, including mail processing, edge protection, installing Exchange Server, and management tasks.
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Deploying Mailbox Servers
Lots of moving pieces are involved in the successful implementation of a Mailbox server. Expand your knowledge by learning about database performance, server roles, mailbox capacity, folder considerations, DAG, and cluster quorum operation.
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Planning, Configuration, & Collaboration
Today, technology drives efficiency in business by making it easier for people to work together. Discover collaboration solutions including public folders, distribution groups, scheduling, and linked and site mailboxes.
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Permissions, Configuration, & Collaboration
Today, technology drives efficiency in business by making it easier for people to work together. Examine how mailbox permissions, mailbox delegation, and distribution groups assist with collaboration.
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Recovery Strategies
When disaster strikes, you want to be prepared with time-tested methods for getting back up and running just as quickly as you can. Arm yourself against failure by learning about proven backup, restore, and recovery strategies.
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Client Access Services
Exchange 2016 removes the CAS role as a separate install. Examine the differences between legacy CAS and CAS in 2016, define the interactions between the CAS and Mailbox services, and learn about CAS acting as a stateless proxy.
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Planning Security Strategies
Security of corporate data tops the list of executive concerns today. Expand your security knowledge by learning about RBAC management, delegated setup, BitLocker, message encryption, transport protection rules, decryption, and IRM.
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Configuring Security
Ensure you have every tool in your toolkit to lock down Exchange and secure your e-mail. Explore edge transport server, send/receive connectors, transport rules, address policies, and EMS deployment and configuration.
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Designing Remote Access & Multiple Namespaces
Today, you have to be able to provide secure access to e-mail from virtually any device users might have available to them. Understanding the infrastructure that enables secure remote client access is critical to any Exchange deployment.
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Securing Remote Access
Ensure you are knowledgeable about remote client access requirements and setups by learning about intersite mail flow, site link cost and hub sites, edge transport, antispam management, antivirus applications, and shared namespaces.
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Mail Flow Architecture, Redundancy, & Resilience
Designing effective Exchange solutions requires knowledge of the Transport Pipeline and how its components work together to ensure message delivery. Explore the mail flow from the internal servers to the external Internet and back again.
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Mail Flow Rules & Auditing
Learn about ethical walls with distribution groups, transport rules, and examine the audit logs to ensure the continuous and uninterrupted security of your messaging infrastructure.
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Message Records Planning & Configuration
Ensure access to historical email in Exchange 2016 by learning about how to prevent data loss, configure prebuilt and custom rules, define an SLA, manage workloads, and manage user throttling policies.
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Message Records Policies, Archiving, & Journaling
Not only do users want and often need access to their historical e-mail, but you may be compelled through regulatory compliance to retain e-mail for a period of time. Explore the technologies and tools for Message Records Management.
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Migration & Federation
You may need to extend access to internal resources by external users to integrate an on-premise solution with a cloud-hosted service. Learn how to plan for, test, implement, and configure integration securely in these situations.
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Migration & Sharing
Learn to plan namespaces for coexistence, configure proxy redirect, implement single and multiphase upgrades, migrate mailboxes, download migration scripts, and implement namespace models in Exchange 2016.
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Pro Exchange 2019 and 2016 Administration
This book explains about who are responsible for building and maintaining an Exchange environment, both on-premises and in a hybrid configuration with Exchange Online
book Duration 9h 28m book Authors By Michel de Rooij


Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 Administration Guide: Deploy, Manage and Administer Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
Discover and work with the new features in Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. This book will show you how to deploy a new server or coexistence with Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013.
book Duration 1h 18m book Authors By Edward van Biljon


Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016
Fully updated to align with the latest release of Exchange Server 2016, this expert-led guide provides comprehensive coverage and easy-to-follow tutorials for all aspects of Exchange Server installation, configuration, and management.
book Duration 15h 35m book Authors By Brian Svidergol, Byron Wright, Clifton Leonard, Vladimir Meloski


Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Administration Guide: Administer and Manage End-to-End Enterprise Messaging, Business Communication, and Team Collaboration (English Edition)
This book is a go-to-guide for System Administrators, Windows Administrators, Network Administrators, System Engineers who plays key role in managing the infrastructure and support of the business communication throughout the company.
book Duration 1h 39m book Authors By Edward van Biljon


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