F#: beginner Visual Studio 2015

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Explore F#, a multi-platform programming language that focuses on solving complex problems with robust code.


F#: Getting Started

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F#: Getting Started
F# is a Microsoft .NET language that offers support for functional, object-oriented, and imperative programming. Learn about F#, including templates for creating F# programs and files in Visual Studio and implementing programming with F#.
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Functional Types & Mutability
Learn about F# programming, including tuples, unions, and unit types, as well as how to manage mutability, use conditional expressions, and work with loops.
6 videos | 35m available Badge
Object Oriented Programming
Explore F# programming, including working with classes, methods, events, structures, and fields.
5 videos | 34m has Assessment available Badge
Interfaces, Inheritance, Classes, & Methods
Increase your knowledge of programming in F# by learning about interfaces, object expressions, inheritance, static and abstract classes, delegates, and type extensions.
7 videos | 41m available Badge
Data, Workflows, & Charting
Learn about access control, signature files, and assertions in F#, as well as how to use strings, arrays, lists, collections, casting, and conversions.
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Match Expressions, Records, & Data Queries
Explore the use of match expressions, active patterns, null values, and options in the F# language. In addition, learn about constraining types, using records, querying and manipulating data, and parallelism.
10 videos | 56m available Badge
Asynchronous and Message-based apps & Data Visualization
Delve into working with asynchronous data-driven apps with F#, as well as message-based programming, computational expressions, and basic and dynamic charting.
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Stylish F# 6: Crafting Elegant Functional Code for .NET 6, 2nd Edition
You will learn about the design of types and function signatures, the benefits of immutability, and the uses of partial function application.
book Duration 5h 20m book Authors By Kit Eason


Get Programming with F#: A Guide for .NET Developers
Packed with enlightening examples, real-world use cases, and plenty of easy-to-digest code, this easy-to-follow tutorial shows you how to upgrade your .NET development skills by adding a touch of functional programming in F#.
book Duration 8h 32m book Authors By Isaac Abraham


Stylish F#: Crafting Elegant Functional Code for .NET and .NET Core
Providing supporting visuals to facilitate learning, examples and supportive context, this book goes beyond syntax and into design to provide F# developers with best practices, guidance, and advice to write beautiful, maintainable, and correct code.
book Duration 5h 3m book Authors By Kit Eason


Beginning F# 4.0, Second Edition
Thoroughly updated to version 4.0, this book will help you learn the language and explore its new features, and is a great foundation for exploring functional-first programming and its role in the future of application development.
book Duration 5h 42m book Authors By Kit Eason, Robert Pickering


F# for Scientists
Written in a clear and concise style with practical and enlightening examples, this accessible book will help you understand both the functional aspects of F# and the object-oriented task-based features that make F# so useful in practice.
book Duration 5h 31m book Authors By Jon Harrop


Professional Visual Studio 2015
With a unique IDE-centric approach and deep dive into the software's many nooks and crannies, this book will bring you up to speed quickly on everything Visual Studio 2015 has to offer.
book Duration 17h 52m book Authors By Bruce Johnson


The Book of F#: Breaking Free with Managed Functional Programming
Break free from that old school programming. In this practical, hands-on guide, Microsoft MVP and author Dave Fancher shares his expertise and teaches you how to wield the power of F# to write succinct, reliable, and predictable code.
book Duration 4h 48m book Authors By Dave Fancher


Expert F# 4.0, Fourth Edition
Presenting a comprehensive guide to the latest version of F# by the inventor of the language, this in-depth resource will help you achieve unrivaled levels of programmer productivity and program clarity across multiple platforms.
book Duration 10h 14m book Authors By Adam Granicz, Antonio Cisternino, Don Syme


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