Fearless Penetration Testing Bootcamp

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The Fearless Penetration Testing Bootcamp will be beneficial for anyone working in Cyber Security. The content will focus on gaining specific knowledge around physical penetration testing, social engineering, and vulnerability scanning. Finishing with the importance of documentation and report writing. The content will discuss some of the tools and methods used by hackers to gain access to computer systems and networks. We will dig into how to break into a secure facility, use social engineering to gain access to a network, and conduct a basic network penetration test. We will cover the importance of a strong rules of engagement, and what to include in the report at the end of your penetration test. This course will be useful for anyone looking to get into cyber security or better understand the attack methodologies used by cyber criminals. The course will run over 2 days, 4 hours per day, in an interactive lecture format. No certifications are required to attend this course; however, a basic understanding of cyber security is required.


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