Managing Up

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Managing up can be a real challenge and requires an appreciation for management's perspective. Develop the capability to manage those above you.


Capturing the Attention of Senior Executives

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    Capturing the Attention of Senior Executives
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    Being Clear on Your Purpose
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Capturing the Attention of Senior Executives
Does your job require you to communicate critical information to c-suite executives, such as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)? Perhaps you have opportunities to influence executive decision making, but don't know how best to deliver your message. In order to make the most of your communication with senior executives, you need to be prepared. In this course, you'll learn how to shape your message so it's communicated clearly to your organization’s c suite. You’ll discover how to build your credibility with those at the senior level, such as the CFO, CIO, and COO. And you'll explore how to approach and plan meetings with senior executives, and how to make your case – whether it's with an elevator pitch or a formal report.
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Administrative Support: Working in Partnership with Your Boss
Whether you're an office administrator, an office assistant, a personal assistant, or an administrative assistant, job satisfaction and career advancement require you to build a partnership with your boss. Good boss relationships involve mastering administrator essentials, dealing effectively with different management styles and handling confrontations. In this course, you'll learn about building and maintaining a true partnership with your boss and how this can be beneficial. You'll also discover approaches for dealing with different management styles, as well as various techniques for handling any confrontations you may have with your boss. 
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Expert Insights on Managing Up
Learn how to manage your manager and other higher-ups to help your career, performance, and productivity.  
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It's Okay to Manage Your Boss: The Step-by-Step Program for Making the Best of Your Most Important Relationship at Work
A novel approach to managing up, this invaluable resource reveals the four essential things employees should get from their bosses to guarantee success at work.
Book Duration 2h 52m Book Authors By Bruce Tulgan


Lead Your Boss: The Subtle Art of Managing Up
With instructive stories based on real-life experiences from leaders at all levels, this book gives managers new as well as tried and true methods for influencing both their bosses and their peers, and giving senior leaders reasons to follow their lead.
Book Duration 3h 48m Book Authors By John Baldoni


Influencing Up
Giving you the tools to bridge the power gap, this book explains what powerful people care about and offers practical advice about how to turn your relationship with your boss into a partnership in which both parties benefit.
Book Duration 3h 50m Book Authors By Allan R. Cohen, David L. Bradford


The Unwritten Rules of Managing Up: Project Management Techniques from the Trenches
While managing up is an incredibly valuable skill for virtually any type of boss, this book provides refreshingly practical and candid insight into the best practices and techniques that project managers have successfully used for decades to manage a wide variety of senior-level stakeholders.
Book Duration 2h 59m Book Authors By Dana Brownlee


You Can't Win a Fight with Your Boss & 55 Other Rules of Success
In colorful and inspiring language, this lively guide offers practical advice on how to impress and make your boss look good, how to position yourself for success, and how to address work and social situations that every employee must conquer.
Book Duration 1h 3m Book Authors By Tom Markert


Managing up: How to Move up, Win at Work, and Succeed with Any Type of Boss
Providing the help you need to start accelerating your trajectory, this book offers real-world strategies that give you a set of actionable steps, supplemented by expert advice from a top leadership consultant that helps you get on track to advancement.
Book Duration 3h 24m Book Authors By Mary Abbajay


The No Excuse Guide to Success: No Matter What Your Boss—or Life— Throws at You
Almost everyone is guilty of playing the blame game. This book gives you the tools to stop the destructive pattern of making excuses and blaming others--to stop whining and start winning.
Book Duration 2h 25m Book Authors By Jim “Mr. Energy” Smith, Jr.


Manage Your Boss
The relationship between you and your boss is important in determining your success at work. This concise book is designed to help you figure out how to work more effectively with your boss so that the two of you operate well together and mutually support each other.
Book Duration 30m Book Authors By Jonathan Vehar


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