Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals: MS-900 - Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

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Explore Microsoft 365 and the benefits of adopting cloud services as you prepare for the MS365 MS-900: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification exam.


Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Understanding Cloud Concepts

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    What Is the Cloud?
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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Understanding Cloud Concepts
This course prepares you for the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Exam (MS-900), by focusing on cloud concepts, one of the four main categories in the exam. In its 10 videos, learners will explore several forms of the cloud, including public, private, and hybrid clouds, and how the cloud differs from on-premises data. You will learn about MS Office 365 Cloud services and its key features and benefits, and examine the key features and benefits of Internet-based public clouds. Then learn about private clouds, which are often on-premises, owned and operated by the organization, and rely on the organization's own security structures to maintain privacy and stay secure. This course goes on to discuss pros and cons of on-premises data centers. You will also explore the costs of on-premises IT infrastructure versus a cloud-based deployment, and learn the pros and cons of a cloud solution, as well as its attractive features: for example, uptime. Finally, you will learn that a cloud provider offers 99.999 percent uptime, since it relies on redundancy.
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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Cloud Benefits & Considerations
Learners focus on cloud computing and prepare for the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) Exam in this 11-video course. First, you will learn that Microsoft 365 is an integrated, complete solution that allows users to work from anywhere while taking advantage of its security and device management capabilities. You will also learn practical applications for cloud computing, some myths and facts about the cloud, and key opportunities and benefits of a cloud solution for business. Next, the course explores security issues and the types of data to be protected: financial, customer, company, and proprietary data, along with security issues and features of cloud-based solutions, what availability and accessibility are, and the impact of uptime. You will learn how to plan and strategize organizational needs to determine which cloud service to purchase. Learn about established use cases for the cloud, scalable usage, chatbots automated services, and tools to communicate and collaborate, such as Skype, SharePoint, and Teams. Finally, you will learn about productivity tools available in Microsoft 365.
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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Cloud Services & Principles
In this 12-video course focusing on cloud computing, in preparation for the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) Exam, learners can explore cloud concepts, and Microsoft 365 services, including product pricing and support. First, learn how security, compliance, and trust are protected in Microsoft 365. You will then learn about various cloud services, including ITaaS (IT as a service), SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service), and PaaS (platform as a service). The course uses a business case study to demonstrate cloud services and security principles; in it, you will examine public, private, and hybrid cloud services, and discuss their unique security issues. This course discusses security as it pertains to business, and will demonstrate how to see data security through the CIA (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) triad. You will examine encryption and multifactor authentication to protect information, and listen to a discussion of compliance issues for businesses adopting cloud solutions. Finally, explore the steps that go into creating a business case for a cloud solution.
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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Windows 10 Enterprise
This course explores Windows 10 Enterprise and its security features, in preparation for the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) Exam, which focuses on understanding cloud concepts and core Microsoft 365 services. In its 15 videos, you will learn how Microsoft 365 focuses on security, compliance, privacy, and trust, and about Microsoft's pricing and support. Next, learn about the Modern Desktop, and Desktop as a Service. Then learn the differences between Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 10 Enterprise, and how each edition suits different kinds of businesses. The course goes on to discuss how Microsoft FastTrack can assist organizations when moving to the cloud. You will explore the key features and security benefits of Windows 10 Intelligent Security, including Windows 10 Defender Anti-Virus, and learn how to access Defender and run a scan of your system. You will learn how to access and configure Defender Firewall. Finally, learners will examine Windows Defender ATP (Advanced Threat Protection), and Endpoint Detection and Response to ensure system integrity.
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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Windows 10, Autopilot, & Azure
Learners will explore an overview of the cloud and its various forms, including public, private, and hybrid clouds, in this 10-video course, which helps prepare for the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) exam, including Windows 10, deployment, licenses, and upgrades. The course opens by discussing specifically what the cloud means and what it represents to individuals and organizations today, beginning with basic concepts: first, the cloud is at its core, networking, but uses the Internet to connect to the cloud network rather than a private dedicated connection to a local area network; the most common cloud services, including remote storage and retrieval of data; and the three types of clouds: public, where space is purchased on shared servers; private; and hybrid, a combination of the two. Similarities and differences between on-premises data solutions and cloud-based data solutions are also covered. A concluding exercise asks learners to describe the cloud, the public cloud, and the private cloud, and to explain pros of the cloud.
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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Deployment Planning, Azure, & Updates
In this 16-video course, learners will explore deployment planning, Microsoft Azure, and Windows 10 update channels, as part of their preparation for the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) exam. The course begins by discussing how to plan for deployment of Windows 10, including an introduction to Azure, showing how to access the Azure Portal and create resources. You will learn about update and servicing options for Windows 10, and how you should prepare for a Windows 10 servicing strategy. Other key topics covered in this course include what deployment rings are; how to assign devices to servicing branches in a Windows 10 deployment; and how to optimize Windows 10 updates. The closing exercise asks learners to explain Windows 10 updates and servicing channel; list the three Windows 10 servicing channels; describe at least three elements for strategizing deployment; explain three ways to assign devices to the semiannual channel; and explain two peer-to-peer options for optimizing updates.
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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Windows 10 & Admin Center
Explore exactly what Microsoft 365 is, and why users need it, in this 19-video course, used in preparation for the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) exam. The course offers detailed descriptions of Windows as a Service (WaaS), and its key features and benefits.  Learners will hear a practical discussion of Windows 10 updating, and learn more about tools used for assessment and updating.  Next, you will receive an introduction to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, including extensive support information and a mechanism for contacting support directly. Among other key topics covered here are Enterprise Mobility, the Windows Assessment and Deployment kit, and how to configure group policy (with administrator’s privileges) with Windows 10 business editions: previewing builds, feature updates, and quality updates. The concluding exercise allows learners to demonstrate use of the Admin Center, including gaining access, reviewing your subscription, and demonstrating how to add a user; making practical use of Access support; and switching to the Admin Center preview.
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Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Microsoft 365, Exchange, & SharePoint
This 18-video course, used to help learners prepare for the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) exam, offers guidance on Microsoft 365's powerful array of apps and services. Explore Enterprise Mobility Plus Security, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online. The course specifically discusses features and benefits of Exchange Online, to which users subscribe on a monthly basis and receive a mailbox that lives in the Cloud on Microsoft's servers (all the information Outlook users are accustomed to: email, calendars, contacts, and tasks).  Learners also hear about various features for Exchange Online in Office 365 plans; and how to access Exchange Online settings. Next, learn about various features of SharePoint Online and its benefits; various features for SharePoint Online in Office 365 plans; and how to access and use SharePoint Online. The concluding exercise directs learners to demonstrate knowledge gained by explaining Exchange Online and SharePoint Online; listing four core Outlook features provided by Exchange Online and three key goals of SharePoint Online; and describing subscription options for Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.
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