Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional: 1Z0-063: Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration

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Explore backup and recovery procedures as you prepare for the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional certification.


Assessing Recovery Requirements
It is crucial that a database can be recovered in the event of a failure. Explore the different backup and recovery solutions available in Oracle Database 12c.
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Backup & Recovery Options
What makes Oracle Database 12c tick? Explore the Oracle Database Server architecture, process architecture, grid infrastructure, and DBA tools.
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Recovery Configuration
The Oracle Recover Manager (RMAN) lets you backup, restore and recover Oracle databases. Learn how to configure Recovery Manager (RMAN), and how to create a recovery catalog for managing database backup, restore, and recovery processes.
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Backup Strategies
You can backup, restore and recover Oracle databases using the Oracle Recover Manager (RMAN). Explore backup requirements and different strategies that you can employ.
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Performing & Managing Backups
As an Oracle database administrator, it is vital that you perform regular backups of the databases. Learn how to perform and manage different types of backups, including incremental, full, block media recovery, and encrypted.
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Failure & Recovery Concepts
The Data Recovery Advisor is an excellent tool to help protect data in your Oracle databases. Learn how to diagnose and repair failures using Data Recovery Advisor, and how various restores and recoveries are performed.
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Recovery & Availability
When an Oracle database fails, a restore or recovery operation will be needed. Examine how to perform different types of restore operations, including when the database is in ARCHIVELOG or NOARCHIVELOG mode.
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Recovery After Loss
In some cases, an Oracle database will lose files when a failure occurs. Discover how to recover from the loss of control, password, and redo log files, and how to restore a database to a new host and perform disaster recovery.
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Secure Backup
To help recover from a failure, you can use Oracle Secure Backup with Recover Manager (RMAN). Learn about Oracle Secure Backup, and how to install and configure it for use with RMAN to perform backups and restores.
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Configuring Flashback Technologies
The Oracle Flashback technologies let you view past states of database objects or return objects to a previous state. Examine various Flashback technologies, and how to configure and use them.
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Using Flashback Technologies
The Oracle Flashback technologies let you view past states of database objects or return objects to a previous state. Discover how to use Flashback Data Archive and Flashback Database as part of your backup and recovery strategy.
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Data Transportation
Using Data Transport in Oracle Database 12c, you can transport tablespace to other databases or transport entire databases. Discover how to perform both tablespace and database transports.
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Performing PITR
In Oracle Database 12c, Point-in-Time Recovery lets you recover one or more objects to an earlier time without affecting other objects within the database. Learn how to perform tablespace Point-in-Time recovery and table recovery.
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Duplicating Databases
There may be times when you want to duplicate a database, such as for recovery or testing purposes. Examine various methods for duplicating a database in Oracle Database 12c, including using RMAN.
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Tuning RMAN
Because RMAN uses resources, you need to monitor and correct any performance issues that may occur. Learn to use the Oracle Database 12c tools for troubleshooting and tuning RMAN, and best practices for restore and recovery performance.
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OCP: Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-063
By helping you sharpen your skills to prepare for the three levels of certification: Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Certified Professional, and Oracle Certified Master, this study guide reviews how Oracle 12c allows multiple instances to be used simultaneously via the cloud.
book Duration 12h 51m book Authors By Charles A. Pack, Robert G. Freeman


Beginning Oracle Database 12c Administration: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition
Your entry point into a successful and satisfying career as an Oracle Database Administrator, this thorough guide will provide you not only technical information, but also guidance on work practices that are as vital to your success as are your technical skills.
book Duration 5h 50m book Authors By Ignatius Fernandez


Pro Oracle Database 12c Administration, Second Edition
Taking a results-oriented approach to getting things done, this book gives clear explanations on how to perform critical tasks and weaves in theory where necessary without bogging you down in unneeded detail to lay a foundation upon which to build a senior level of expertise.
book Duration 13h 28m book Authors By Darl Kuhn


OCP Oracle Database 12c Advanced Administration Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-063)
Featuring challenging exercises in each chapter, a certification summary, a two-minute drill, and a self test to reinforce the topics presented, this authoritative Oracle Press guide will help you pass the OCP 1Z0-063 exam, and also serves as an essential on-the-job reference.
book Duration 7h 4m book Authors By Bob Bryla


OCA/OCP Oracle Database 12c All-in-One Exam Guide (Exams 1Z0-061, 1Z0-062, & 1Z0-063)
Including examples, practice questions, chapter summaries, and a two-minute drill to reinforce essential knowledge in each chapter, this Oracle Press guide covers all of the exam objectives on the Installation and Administration, SQL Fundamentals, and Advanced Administration exams in detail.
book Duration 16h 14m book Authors By Bob Bryla, John Watson, Roopesh Ramklass


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