Puppet: Puppet 6.x intermediate

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Explore Puppet, an open-source automation platform for automatic software configuration and management.


Building the Puppet Environment

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  • 7m 49s


Puppet for DevOps: Installing & Working with Puppet Components

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Building the Puppet Environment
Discover the basic concepts of automated configuration with Puppet. Explore the installation and configuration of Puppet in the cloud and advanced server configuration.
10 videos | 50m has Assessment available Badge
Configuring the Puppet Master & Puppet Agent
Most of the functionality of Puppet is contained in the Puppet master and the Puppet agent. Discover how to configure Puppet for automated server configuration.
14 videos | 1h 5m has Assessment available Badge
Configuring Puppet Environments & Managing Files
Puppet has robust file functionality and runs in multiple environments.Discover how to get Puppet to work with files and how to set up and configure multiple Puppet environments.
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Puppet Refactoring Patterns
There are different ways to refactor Puppet configurations. Explore techniques to mitigate the risk and increase the success of Puppet configuration refactoring as it relates to the Puppet master and the Puppet agent.
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Puppet for DevOps: Installing & Working with Puppet Components
Explore the architecture of Puppet in this 12-video course. Discover essential components of Puppet, its prominent open-source products, and its application and infrastructure management capability, along with structure and essential components of Puppet module and Puppet language. First, learners will watch a demonstration of how to install and configure Puppet agent and other components to orchestrate and manage application and infrastructure at scale and implement DevOps principle, after first ensuring that they have the right machine with the right operating system. Then you will discuss how to work with Puppet commands and the Puppet development kit to manage Puppet configuration; and create, test, and manage Puppet modules to capitalize on the infrastructure as code paradigm of DevOps. Learn about the essential open-source products provided by Puppet: Puppet Open Source, Puppet Development Kit, Bolt, Litmus, Lyra, and Wash. In the concluding exercise, you will be asked to list open-source products provided by Puppet; to install Puppet Development Kit; and to create modules by using Puppet Development Kit.
12 videos | 1h 9m has Assessment available Badge
Puppet for DevOps: Working with Puppet Bolt & Continuous Delivery for PE
Explore the concept of managing data and facts by using Hiera and Facter in this 13-video course. Learn essential characteristics and features of Puppet Bolt, the concept of jobs in Puppet, and its potential challenges as a continuous delivery tool for DevOps. Learners watch demonstrations of configuring and working with EDA software tools to manage data, and installing and configuring Puppet Bolt-an open-source tool automating manual steps with plans and tasks. Install and work with continuous delivery for Puppet Enterprise (PE) to set up, build, and configure Continuous Delivery pipelines. Then use the impact analysis tool to measure impacts of recent deployments of Puppet codes. Other key topics covered here include Puppet data management with the reusable Hiera configuration file for Puppet code; fact management with the stand-alone Facter tool that gathers complete information about the system; how to install continuous delivery for PE; and Puppet's disadvantages. The concluding exercise asks learners to list different types of facts in Puppet, install Bolt to automate manual task, and execute Bolt command and task on host.
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Pro Puppet, Second Edition
Puppet provides a way to automate everything from user management to server configuration. This book will teach you how Puppet has changed in the latest version, how to use it on a variety of platforms, including Windows, how to work with Puppet modules, and how to use Hiera.
book Duration 5h 4m book Authors By Ben Kero, James Turnbull, Jeffery McCune, Spencer Krum, William Van Hevelingen


Pulling Strings with Puppet: Configuration Management Made Easy
Introducing the powerful Puppet system administration tool, this book will guide you through its key features, showing you how to install and configure, create automated tasks, and even create reporting solutions and extend Puppet further to your needs.
book Duration 2h 18m book Authors By James Turnbull


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