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Collaborate and manage your work with Smartsheets, a cloud-based task management and productivity tool with project management and document-sharing capabilities.


Tracking Projects in Smartsheet

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Signing in & Setting Up in Smartsheet

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Tracking Projects in Smartsheet
Facilitate collaboration with your remote team with Smartsheet software service. During this course, you will begin by learning the features and functions of Smartsheet's spreadsheet style interface. You'll see how to follow project progress, track critical tasks, and set task indicators. Other topics include how to create alerts and status updates; manage your project calendar; schedule and reschedule project tasking, and modify your scheduling options. You'll also explore how to configure your project calendars to meet your project needs, generate and edit project reports.
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Using the Collaboration Tools in Smartsheet
Collaborate on team projects with Smart Sheet software service. Smartsheet enables you to follow team progress, share documents, and increase productivity. In this course, learn how to create your team's workspace and manage its settings and assets. Discover the features and functions of the Smartsheet collaboration tools. See how to use the sheets for your project needs. Make comments on your sheets. Share your work sheets. Send them as an email; hyperlink to them. Finally, you will learn how to publish your sheets.
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Signing in & Setting Up in Smartsheet
Smartsheets is a work collaboration tool that lets you follow your team's progress, share documents and increase office productivity. In this course, you will learn how to sign into Smartsheet, create an account, and update it. Explore how to navigate the features and functions of the spreadsheet style interface, and configure the interface display options to meet your team's needs. Conclude by discovering how to access and update your personal information.
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Creating Projects in Smartsheet
Discover how to make and manage a new project sheet with Smart Sheet the project management and collaboration service. Your project sheet is like a spreadsheet in which you track all the tasks, responsibilities, scheduling, and resources of a project. In this course, learn to create a new project sheet, employ sheet templates, create a card sheet, and understand the structure and function of your project sheets. See how to access your project sheets, move between multiple sheets, and organize them. Discover how to edit, save and change the properties of your project. Import, export and print your project.
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Creating & Managing Tasks in Smartsheet
Learn how to track project tasking with Smartsheet software service. During this course, you will see how to create your project's task list, insert new tasks, group tasks, sort tasks, filter tasks and make milestones. From there, you will learn how to customize the appearance of your tasking tools. Other topics covered include how to employ conditional formatting; how to format the text in your tabl, and modify the appearance of your Gantt chart. Learn how to effectively manage resources, add resources to the project, assign resources to tasks, and resolve resource conflicts. Finally, discover how to insert formulas, links and images, and how to attach files.
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