TestNG: TestNG For Eclipse beginner

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Explore TestNG, a testing framework for the java programing language.


Exploring TestNG

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Exploring TestNG
TestNG is a testing framework inspired by JUnit and Nunit. It supports a wide variety of test categories. This course covers features and benefits of TestNG, TestNG requirements, Eclipse setup, TestNG plugin setup, how to make a basic test, a discussion of test.xml, and how to create a test suite. Also learn how to run multiple tests via testing.xml, and use annotations with your Java projects. As a review exercise, you will define TestNG, including concepts of installing and configuring the framework, and create a basic test and test suite.
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Annotations, Groups & Dependencies
TestNG has various annotations and methods to help create complex tests. This course covers test annotation in TestNG, the TestNG assert class, TestNG parameterization, TestNG DataProvider features, the DataProvider method, factory concepts and usage, TestNG grouping, and dependencies. See how to run a dependency test. As a review exercise, you will describe various TestNG annotations, use the assert class and parameterization, define factory and the data provider annotation, describe how groups are used, and finally, show how to use TestNG dependencies.
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Complex Integrations & Implementations
There are several build tools and automations that help with complex integrations and implementations. This course covers TestNG parallelism, parallel tests, build automation concepts, TestNG build tools, Apache Ant, Maven, Subversion, and Hudson. Learn how to install Hudson and Ant, use reporters and listeners, and write custom loggers and reporters. As a review exercise, you will describe why you use SVN with TestNG, explain how versioning works with the SVN repository, write a multithreaded test and an Ant test, use Maven and TestNG in a test, and finally, describe how you would use a reporter and a listener in a test.
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