Business and Management Skills Training

Our business and management skills courses are designed for the modern learner. We’ve created videos in a variety of formats including scenario-based storytelling, animation, and panel discussions with subject matter experts.

In the next 4 years, over one-third of skills that are considered important in today’s workforce will significantly change.

World Economic Forum
The Fourth Industrial Revolution, 2016.

The list of projected top 10 skills from 2015 to 2020 shows significant movement. While skills such as problem solving and critical thinking remain in the top three, several skills in the top 10 today will disappear tomorrow. Organizations will require a broad base of both hard and soft skills to remain agile and competitive.

With employees now rewarded for their skills rather than their position, supporting learning systems must be equally agile but also broad and deep to support teams in hard skills, such as project management and project-based execution, and soft skills, such as personal productivity, communications, and team building.

Future-proof for the Modern Generation

Almost half of all millennials report they receive little or no formal training and believe their skills may be inadequate in three years. Fifty-nine percent report that they are not being given development opportunities. With 75 percent of the workforce made up of millennials by 2025, organizations will need to find better ways to offer personal and professional development opportunities, as well as the right modalities and resources to support that development.

Support Your Learners

High-performing organizations know their competitive advantage is directly tied to their ability to develop and deploy their talent effectively, reinforced by access to training programs that not only align to business objectives but support project execution.

Today execution happens in mission-based teams, with a rate of change that requires individuals to be nimble and prepared for a new responsibility at any time. A learning solution must have a broad base of content topics and modalities and be available when needed.

Your modern learners need:

  • A broad set of hard and soft skill offerings on topics such as collaboration, professional development, team building, and project execution available when and where I need them
  • Microlearning—a way to learn fast, with small doses of actionable learning for optimal retention
  • Multi-dimensional content with practice and retrieval options to reinforce and retain learning
  • Tools to embed learning and practice on the job
  • Certification in key hard skill areas, such as project management and Six Sigma

Skillsoft’s new line of business skills courses are designed for the modern learner. We’ve created fresh, new business skills videos in a variety of formats including scenario-based storytelling, animation, and panel discussions with subject matter experts.

Developing and Embracing a Growth Mindset

Sample topic from Skillsoft’s video-based course “Developing a Growth Mindset.
Learn how people with a growth mind-set can achieve ever-higher levels of performance,
and help their organization thrive.

The Skillsoft Difference

With thousands of videos, books, courses, mentoring and certification-aligned content, Skillsoft’s business skills solutions can offer learners many choices for continuous learning and development. The content is ideal for busy individuals both in their roles today and as they plan for the next stage of their careers—a critical issue facing organizations with growing millennial workforce population. The content portfolio is right-sized and flexible to enable an organization to not only provide comprehensive development of its employees but also able to adapt to the needs of individuals working on mission-based teams where projects and requirements are subject to frequent change.

  • Multi-dimensional Microlearning

    All of Skillsoft’s new business skills and management content is delivered in short bursts of learning which take the form of 3-5 minute micro-videos embedded within 30 minute courses. Curated collections of multi-modal resources are ideal for informal learning needs, and are also easily blended into more structured programs.  All courses also contain job aids, exercises and assessments for reinforcement and immediate on-the-job application.

  • Unmatched Content Coverage

    Skillsoft provides the most engaging and comprehensive content offering available to teach the business skills required for today’s digital business environment. No one can match the broad and deep topical coverage of Skillsoft to address the skills organizations need most. Content is available in hard skill areas such as process improvement and project management, and soft skill areas such as personal improvement, communication, team interaction and management.

  • Unique Design Approach

    In addition to unmatched content coverage, Skillsoft’s approach to design is unique in the marketplace. The modern look and feel and unique content treatment approaches in Skillsoft’s high quality courseware ensures that your learners will be highly engaged, for optimal performance outcomes. We use a variety of instructional design approaches and pedagogical methodologies which are rigorously applied across the entire content portfolio to ensure the best learner experience, every time.

  • Leading Certification and Accreditation

    Skillsoft offers rich certification training to support critical business operations including project management, Six Sigma, human resources and business analysis.

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