Professional Effectiveness Training

Every worker, regardless of his or her position in an organization, must work at the highest possible level for teams and the organization to successfully execute on business objectives. Working at peak performance requires improvement in personal development skills, self-management and competencies such as:

  • time management
  • perseverance
  • productivity
  • listening
  • verbal and written communications
  • and more

For workers to effectively contribute, organizations must provide access to training that supports skills development, self-management, retention, practice on the job and continuous improvement.

Workforces are diverse – full of individuals with personalized learning goals and experiences. Employees need to independently discover useful resources at many points along the work flow.

Skillsoft’s Business Skills collection includes hundreds of resources such as microlearning courses with opportunities for reflection and assessment, and job aids to refresh learning and help apply it on the job.

To deepen the understanding of concepts, approaches, methodologies, theories and tools, the collection also offers full-length books, audio books, and expert insight videos from highly regarded thought leaders. In today’s digital age, workers need opportunities for training and development that fit into the flow of their work but also that are available anytime and anywhere.

Sample list of course topics from Skillsoft’s Business Skills collection.

Getting Results through Personal Power

How to Succeed in Listening

Writing a Business Case

Using E-mail Effectively in the Workplace

Making the Most of Your Presentations

Skills for Communication Success

Business Ethics Essentials

Public Speaking Strategies

Performing Under Pressure

Time Management

Discovering Your Strengths

Overcoming Procrastination

Work/Life Balance



Designed for modern learning professional effectiveness, these courses are fast-paced and utilize a balance of realistic business situations, modern and fun graphics, and expert insights.

Click to watch a sample from the video “Developing and Embracing a Growth Mindset”

Learning Design for Engagement and Retention

Our instructional and content design strategies are continually evolving to support the needs of modern learners in the digital age. These strategies and techniques align to three learning requirements:

  1. More just-in-time, less just-in-case learning
  2. Engage the learner with visual, short and relevant content
  3. Design content for more self-directed and specialized learning.

Our newest course design addresses these learning requirements in several ways:

Designed for the non-linear mind

With short bursts of content designed for the non-linear mind of the modern learner, our customer service content is comprised of 3-5 minute micro-videos embedded within 30 minute courses. This results in dynamic options for learner – from moment of need support to more immersive learning.

Data-driven mix of content design approaches

To make the learning experience more engaging we use a data-driven mix of content design approaches in our courses. The instructional design approaches are learner-centric and carefully executed to engage both sides of the brain by fostering a linkage between cognition and emotion.

Coaching rather than mentoring 

These courses use a “coaching” rather than “mentoring” approach, with an intentional emphasis on highlighting and reinforcing effective practices and approaches.

We continually invest in research on adult learning informed by brain science, to ensure that our learning solutions are engaging, meet the needs of the modern digital learner, and are effective in both changing behavior and driving measurable improvement in our customers’ businesses.

Skillsoft has partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Office of Digital Learning, and Accenture, to embark on an extensive research initiative that delves into the science of adult learning to precisely determine what instructional strategies stimulate employee engagement and interest.

Learn More about Skillsoft’s Research Initiative

Supplemental Resources

Each Percipio channel features supplemental learning resources including full-text books and audio books, to extend the learning. Carefully curated resources from authors and experts in their field such as those highlighted below offer learners opportunities to deepen their understanding of the learning topic.