Live and On-demand Events

2019 marks 11 years of delivering Live Events at Skillsoft —an exclusive opportunity for access to some of top thought leaders in business and leadership. This year’s roster kicks off with crucial and timely topics on creativity, workplace innovation, and productivity.  Featuring keynotes by nationally recognized thought leaders including Mike Roberto, Erica Dhawan, Dan Pink, Cal Newport, and Dan Coyle, these events offer great opportunities to learn from the best minds in business.

On-demand Events, available in Percipio and other platforms of choice, are invaluable as they offer learners the flexibility to run events at leisure.  The keynote, Q&A, and session guides are organized into a course structure allowing the organization to run learning sessions with these leading speakers at any time or as many times as they would like.

Live and On-demand Events offer organizations:

  • a method to generate excitement and engagement around programs with some of the best minds in business
  • a way to draw in new learners and disrupt the mindset around elearning programs and drive important conversations in the workplace
  • an opportunity to expand and deepen engagement in traditional learning programs
  • an impetus for internal conversations and collaboration

Live Events offer opportunities to plan, initiate and drive important conversations in the workplace.  Facilitator, Participant, and Team Leader Discussion Guides help to maximize and leverage the scheduled or on-demand event.

On-demand versions of the event are crucial to help scale the events and to extend the conversation into the organization through internal training and conversations.

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