Senior Leaders

Skillsoft Leadership Development Program

Skillsoft Leadership Development Program

SLDP is designed to train leaders at all levels, and while the video-based core instructional content is targeted toward newer or emerging learners, the solution contains content assets that are of value to experienced and senior leaders.

The mobile app experience helps make learning resources (videos, books and audio books) available when and where learners need them.

With topics ranging from Leading Organizational Vision and Leading a Culture of Execution to Thinking Strategically, the SLDP provides content from the top minds of the business and leadership community in a variety of formats to support leaders at all levels, including senior leaders.

Powerful video content from business and thought leaders are curated into a Leadership Insights course in each channel. On a quarterly basis, additional state-of-the-art expert videos are curated into the course.

Sample Book Summaries and Articles

To encourage and facilitate workplace application, each course includes complementary resources to supplement the foundational course content. These include learning resources such as videos, full-text and audio books, book summaries, and syndicated content authored by experts in the field of leadership such as Sloane Management Review articles. Learners also benefit from a variety of application tools such as facilitation guides, reflection exercises, and job aids.

Driving Leadership Capability

New research report on the landscape of leadership development and how it is evolving with the changes in the world of work