Women Leaders

Leadership Development for Women

Our high-impact women’s leadership program prepares women in all stages of their careers and aligns to the most relevant competencies for female leaders.

Women are conspicuously absent from most key leadership positions. Many organizations do not offer their female leaders a leadership development solution targeted towards women.  And yet, women experience unique challenges on their leadership journeys.

To be effective, programs for women leaders need to be modular and designed to complement broader training programs targeted specifically to women leaders.  Content for female leaders can also be a specialized component for generic leadership development programs.

These programs need to be:

  • Relevant — focused on the key competencies women need for effective professional development.
  • Time-efficient — fit into any woman’s time-pressed day by providing one topic per month, featuring brief leadership videos and business book summaries, along with thought provoking questions and learning activities.
  • Flexible — organizations set their own cadence, learners set their own reminders, and templates can be customized to meet the company’s branding and content needs.

Build a more well-rounded, more competitive workforce with the Skillsoft Women in Action program. It addresses the diverse workplace challenges faced by all levels of women leaders, and helps them overcome gender biases and build their leadership brands with formal and informal eLearning resources that support self-paced learning.

Women in Action Leadership Program

The Women in Action Leadership Program is a collection of high-impact training resources that are designed for women leaders and aspiring women leaders. These learning tools were formulated to address the needs of three distinct women leader populations:

  • Senior leaders
  • Mid-level leaders
  • Emerging leaders

Using unique learning templates prepared by Skillsoft’s subject matter experts, Women in Action learners are prompted to invest just one hour each month in their own development. A series of short videos, book summaries, activities and reflective thinking exercises provide focused learning in specific competency areas.

Because many organizations face limited budgets for specialized training of women leaders, learning programs for women need to be economical, scalable and easily implemented.

How to Get More Women Into Leadership Positions

This white paper outlines concrete steps organizations can take to support women leaders.

Women in Leadership Research: Top 5 Findings

Though interest in advancing women to C-level positions remains high, only 12% of organizations have achieved gender parity in C-level roles. The number one barrier is inadequate management of the leadership pipeline.