Leadership Training

Business leaders have paid more attention to leadership development than any other HCM function, but only 41 percent of organizations believe their leadership programs are effective. Only 2 in 5 organizations are developing leaders in a way that benefits the business.


Leadership Development is in Trouble

Organizations indicate low effectiveness ratings at all leadership levels. But the most serious problem—and significant opportunity—is with high-potential programs. While the vast majority (90 percent) of organizations have programs aimed at high-potentials and emerging leaders, those efforts are simply not succeeding. Organizations are not focusing on the right competencies nor are they using effective modalities for this group of learners who are just beginning their leadership journey.

Research shows that one-third of leaders are hired into a management position, and rarely have any formal preparation. Only 1 in 10 leaders are actually groomed to by an internal development program.

Why Leadership Matters

Lack of effective and scaled training and development for emerging leaders results in lack of quality leadership. With little preparation for managing and leading, it is easy for bad leadership behaviors to take hold early—at a high cost to the business.

  • Poor leadership practices cost companies 8 percent of annual revenues
  • 32 percent of an organization’s employee turnover can be avoided through better leadership
  • Better leadership can generate a 3-4 percent improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Better leadership practices could eliminate 5-10 percent productivity drag

Leadership Today

The age of the “hero leader” is giving way to the digital age of mission-based “hero teams” where work is collaborative and decision-making is distributed across functions and roles. This equates to a larger set of future leaders who need foundational leadership development focused on the right leadership competencies.

Reinventing and Democratizing Leadership Development

Research shows that organizations that invest in the right leadership programs—focused on the correct competencies with strategies that align to the business—can achieve good results.

Democratization of leadership development allows individuals to become leaders earlier in their careers. Mass-access leadership resources, leveraging the best that educational technology can offer, are a powerful solution to support learners as they embark on their journeys.

The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program

The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program addresses the changing way in which organizations need to develop their leaders by providing a scalable, cost-effective, and engaging leadership development experience designed for the modern, digital learner.

This program makes extensive use of scenarios and behavioral demonstrations for fully contextualized leadership development.  This instructional approach leverages a common set of characters, including a “leader mentor,” throughout the portfolio of leadership courses. The use of high-impact drama and pragmatic storytelling within the scenarios encourages engagement and retention by stimulating the emotional side of the brain. More on Skillsoft’s learning design.

The solution is comprised of courses covering 20 of the most critical leadership competencies. Courses average 60 minutes of video-based instruction, each comprised of short 5-8 minute video segments to support single-concept micro-learning. In addition, learners benefit from an introductory reflective question for appropriate set up, knowledge checks throughout the topics, and a final post-course assessment.

Application tools to supplement the foundational course content are included in the offering, such as facilitation guides and reflection exercises. Additional videos, books, book summaries, and syndicated content authored by experts are also included to extend the learning on each competency.

Leadership Is About Serving Your People

No matter how much great advice you give, what people remember and respond to is how you treat them.

Targeted Leadership Solutions

  • Executive Education

    Content from the top minds of the business and leadership community in a variety of formats, so your executives can get the information they need delivered in an effective, efficient manner.

    Learn about our executive education.

  • Women Leadership

    Help your female leaders excel with relevant content from industry thought leaders and technology that ensures continuous engagement and development.

    Learn about our leadership training for women.

  • First-Time Managers

    Develop emerging leaders within your organization for the digital age—cost-effectively, at scale, and with maximum return. Our video-based microlearning solution offers a unique combination of the most popular leadership topics and learning styles modern leaders.

    Learn more.

  • Individual Contributors

    Make it easier for all employees to become proficient in skills vitally important to your organization’s success by offering a variety of precisely targeted business certifications and methods.

    Learn more.

“Our leadership curriculum utilizes Leadership Advantage, blended with external and internal resources to provide a complete solution. Our goal was to ensure we provided superior content and an exceptional user experience. Based on our leaders’ feedback, we have managed to achieve both.”


– Vice President of Global Leadership Development, Lear Corporation