Skillsoft CodeX

Enhance your coding skills with virtual coding practice labs

Skillsoft’s Proprietary Virtual Coding Practice Labs

CodeX is the virtual practice lab solution like no other: it provides coding exercises with embedded instructional video content that challenges software developers to learn, practice and perfect their coding skills hands-on in an integrated development environment (IDE) with immediate feedback and code validation.

Learners can follow along with CodeX’s instructional videos while writing and compiling code. By using live machines and fully functioning IDEs, Skillsoft allows developers to also use the sandboxes for other practice and validation needs.

Practice labs are available in Cisco, CISSP, CompTIA, IC3 – Global Standard 5, Oracle, Microsoft administration & certification, Wireshark, VMware, Python, Software Development Fundamentals, and more.

As Richard Branson said, “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.” In CodeX labs, learners have that safe place to practice and play; it is an environment without bounds.


Built-in Code Validation

Learn, practice, and validate skills with instant feedback in a live development sandbox.

Hands-on practice in real IDEs

This is not a simulation; learners practice in the actual integrated development environments (IDEs) where they’ll be writing code in the real world. CodeX labs use:

  • Android Studio 2.3.3
  • Eclipse
  • Eclipse Neon
  • IDLE 3.4
  • IPython (Anaconda 4.4)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio

Engaging Content with Embedded videos

Labs guides include instructional videos for a seamless learning experience.

Dedicated servers

Labs run on dedicated remote servers so that there is no strain on your network, no security risks, and no risk to your data.

Reporting and Tracking

Track usage to gauge how learners use CodeX and quantify results.

Why CodeX?


What makes CodeX essential for your IT eLearning plan?

Contextualized learning

Practice coding in a seamless, integrated platform that puts learning into context.


All CodeX activity takes place on virtual machines instead of on your local network, which spares your system any risk caused by faulty code.

Savings on infrastructure

Spare yourself the cost of dedicated servers, networks, equipment, and software licenses for testing code in-house. Our virtual VMs and IDEs provide the safe, versatile environment learners need.

Test-drive IDEs

Considering investing in a new IDE for your dev team? Test different popular IDEs through CodeX to explore their features and functionality before making a purchase decision.