Accountable Leadership

  • 7 videos | 41m 54s
  • Includes Assessment
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  • Certification CPE
  • Certification PMI PDU
Accountability is about taking ownership of your own actions, behaviors, and decision-making. In today's large, often massive organizations, it can be tempting to pass the buck and duck responsibility. An accountable leader, on the other hand, is one that says and does what they say they will, ensuring accountability to their team and the organization. In this course, you'll learn about building accountability in your teams, demonstrating your own willingness to be accountable especially when things go wrong, and fostering an environment of accountability in those you work with.


  • Identify actions that foster responsibility, accountability, and empowerment
    Identify actions that determine accountability
    Recognize actions that demonstrate individual accountability
  • Identify the characteristics of an accountable leader
    Recognize steps for building an accountable team
    Reflect on what you've learned


  • 51s
    In this course, you'll learn how to foster accountability in your teams by demonstrating responsibility and empowerment. You'll also discover how to improve individual accountability, and become more accountable as a leader. FREE ACCESS
  • 9m 26s
    When you make a mistake, it's tempting to avoid the problem, but lack of accountability can be disastrous for an organization. In this video, you will learn how to foster responsibility, accountability, and empowerment in your organization. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Determining Accountability
    8m 26s
    When your company, your team, or one of your team members has a problem, you as the manager need to determine accountability. You need to get to the root of the problem. In this video, you will learn how to deal with negativity in determining accountability. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Improving Your Accountability
    8m 53s
    During this video, you will learn how to help someone be more accountable. You will also discover the characteristics of people who practice individual accountability. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  The Characteristics of an Accountable Leader
    6m 54s
    Employees need leadership in order to be accountable. They have to know what's expected of them and why it's expected. As a leader, you can improve your employees' accountability by making sure you are demonstrating accountability in your own role. In this video, you will learn the characteristics of an accountable leader. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Building Accountability in Your Team
    6m 28s
    During this video, you will learn how to build accountability in your team. You will also discover how to deal with dysfunction effectively. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Let's Review
    In this video, you'll review the key concepts covered in this course, including accountability. FREE ACCESS


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