Affirmative Action for Federal Contractors

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Companies with federal contracts or subcontracts have obligations to ensure that their employment-related activities comply with affirmative action laws and regulations. This course provides an overview of required practices that help federal contractors and subcontractors meet affirmative action obligations, including creating affirmative action plans. This course was developed with subject matter support provided by The Potomac Law Group, PLLC. Please note, however, that the course materials and content are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice and may or may not reflect the most current legal developments. Nothing herein, or in the course materials, shall be construed as professional advice as to any particular situation or constitute a legal opinion with respect to compliance with legal statutes or statutory instruments. Transmission of the information is not intended to create, and receipt does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Readers should not act upon this information without seeking independent legal advice.


  • identify affirmative action obligations of federal contractors and subcontractors
  • identify affirmative action obligations federal contractors and subcontractors have in relation to women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans
  • follow required practices related to recordkeeping to meet affirmative action obligations
  • recognize the affirmative action obligations of companies that have federal contracts or subcontracts
  • identify the required elements of affirmative action plans for women and minorities
  • recognize the requirements of an AAP for women and minorities
  • identify the required elements of affirmative action plans covering individuals with disabilities and veterans
  • recognize the requirements of an AAP for veterans and individuals with disabilities


  • Introduction to Affirmative Action
  • Practicing Affirmative Action
  • Recordkeeping Obligations
  • Knowledge Check: Affirmative Action for Federal
  • AAPs: Women and Minorities
  • Knowledge Check: AAPs for Women and Minorities
  • AAPs: Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities
  • Knowledge Check: AAPs for Veterans and IWDs