Agile Fundamentals: Stakeholders, Success Criteria, Users, and the Agile Team

Agile    |    Beginner
  • 12 videos | 29m 5s
  • Includes Assessment
  • Earns a Badge
The Agile methodology takes into account several critical components that affect a project's chances for success, most notably project stakeholders, a project's success criteria, users, and the Agile team itself. In this course, you'll explore these components, beginning with an exploration of project stakeholders, who they are, and what their personal interests in a project represent. This includes identifying stakeholders, considering their impact and influence on a project, and how to assess your stakeholders. Then you'll learn about user cards and user collaboration. Finally, you'll explore the differences between Waterfall and Agile when it comes to resources and planning, methods for developing a team, and the definition of done and why it's important. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK).


  • define stakeholders and the role they play in projects
    describe how to identify project stakeholders
    discuss how impact and influence can be used to assess stakeholders
    describe how to identify stakeholder impact and influence in order to conduct stakeholder management
    discuss how to assess stakeholder impact and influence and their individual success criteria
    describe how to determine a sense of who your users are
  • discuss how to better understand your users with user cards
    discuss how to collaborate effectively with your users
    describe the differences between Waterfall and Agile when it comes to resources and planning
    discuss methods for developing your team
    describe how to make your team work effectively together using methods, standards, and norms
    define the definition of done and why it's important



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