Building Presentations in Sway Windows 10

Sway Windows 10    |    Beginner
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Build and enhance presentations with Sway. Discover how to make title and text cards; insert elements, such as images, videos, and charts; use themes; group cards; and add headings to Sway presentations.


  • Make a title card in sway
    Make a text card in sway
    Insert images into your presentations
    Insert videos into your presentations
    Insert tweets into your presentations
    Embed documents into your presentations
    Embed web elements into your presentations
  • Create and insert charts in sway
    Add headings to your presentations
    Modify the theme of your presentation
    Group cards in sway
    Group image cards in sway
    Undo and redo changes in sway


  • 5m 46s
    At the beginning of your presentation, Sway will automatically offer to create a title page. You can format the text in this title card, and also add a background image in order to make your presentation stand out more. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 44s
    To add text, all you have to do is to create a new text card. You will then be able to use Sway's formatting tools to create custom cards, lists, and add web links. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Inserting an image in Sway for Windows 10
    5m 36s
    Using images will allow you to brighten up your presentations and really make them stand out. Learn how to insert new images and photos, and how to customize their settings. Don't forget to add captions to accompany your pictures. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Inserting a video in Sway for Windows 10
    4m 51s
    Thanks to Sway, you will now be able to illustrate your presentation with videos. You can either use your own videos or links to YouTube and integrate them directly into your presentation. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Inserting a tweet in Sway for Windows 10
    4m 8s
    If you are a regular Twitter user, you will be able to insert interesting tweets into your presentations using Sway. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Embedding a document in Sway for Windows 10
    4m 25s
    Sway allows you to easily embed Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF documents stored in your OneDrive into your presentations. Here you will see how to use embed codes to add this content to your presentation. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Embedding a web element in Sway for Windows 10
    4m 29s
    As well as embedding documents, you can also embed web elements from sites such as Google Maps or using predefined embed codes. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Inserting a chart in Sway for Windows 10
    4m 34s
    Sway allows you to create charts to illustrate your figures. Learn to use this tool and to customize your charts to suit your needs. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Adding headings to your presentation in Sway for Windows 10
    4m 33s
    In order to give your presentation a clearly defined structure, you can add header cards. These cards can be used to introduce sections or groups of cards, and can be formatted to include text and even a background image. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Modifying the theme of a presentation in Sway for Windows 10
    5m 8s
    Sway presentations each have a theme which allows you to define the colors and fonts that will be used. Learn how to modify the theme of a presentation, load a preset theme, or create your own personalized theme. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Grouping cards in Sway for Windows 10
    5m 54s
    If you want to group together a number of cards, you can create groups of several elements, which will be displayed simultaneously. Here you will see how to group together cards of different types. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Grouping image cards in Sway for Windows 10
    5m 40s
    For groups of picture cards, you have a number of additional options. You can set your cards to display one on top of the other in a stack, as a slideshow or even side-by-side with a sliding bar which will allow you to compare them. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Undoing & redoing changes in Sway for Windows 10
    2m 25s
    If you have made changes that you don't want to save, you can use the undo tool, which allows you to revert to before the change was made. This can later be reversed using the redo tool. Finally, learn how to permanently delete a presentation. FREE ACCESS


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