Calendar Tools in IBM Verse 2016

IBM Verse 2016    |    Intermediate
  • 6 videos | 29m 16s
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The IBM Verse calendar lets you see and work with events to help keep you organized. Discover how to save and reply to invitations, create events and meetings, and print the calendar.


  • use the calendar in IBM Verse
    save and reply to event invitations in IBM Verse
    create an event in IBM Verse
  • organize a meeting in IBM Verse
    create a recurring meeting in IBM Verse
    print a calendar from IBM Verse


  • 4m 29s
    IBM Verse displays your calendar events directly from you inbox interface but you can also access the full app from the menu bar. See how to access and get around the different calendar displays. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 25s
    If you receive an event invitation you can review, accept or decline it from your IBM Verse inbox. See how to view, respond and edit your event responses. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Creating an event in IBM Verse 2016
    5m 16s
    With IBM Verse you can create and invite others to you events. See the different ways in which you can create an event from your inbox to your calendar page. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Organizing meeting in IBM Verse 2016
    5m 57s
    You can organize and create a meeting directly from your calendar. See how to invite you contacts, check scheduling conflicts and send your invitations. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating a recurring meeting in IBM Verse 2016
    4m 38s
    You can create recurring events in your calendar to save time and better organize you future events. See how to create, edit and remove recurring events from your IBM Verse calendar. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Printing a calendar in IBM Verse 2016
    4m 30s
    You can print your calendar as well as print particular events that you may need a hard copy of. See how to access the print action as well as change the print setup to get the format you need. FREE ACCESS