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Collaborate with efficiency using the available features of Convo. Discover how to create, tag, and react to posts, as well as share documents and images, manage feeds, use email to communicate, and start a chat.


  • create and send a post to your Convo network
    add hashtags to your posts on Convo
    respond to the posts from others in your Convo network
    share documents and media files via Convo
    manage drafts and view deleted posts in Convo
  • manage your feed of posts on Convo
    integrate your email service with your Convo account
    start a Convo chat with both instant message and email
    lead a chat with multiple users on Convo


  • 5m 47s
    You can send a post to your network to say what's on your mind. See how construct a post and add mentions, emoticons as well as images to enhance your post's appearance on Convo. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 38s
    Adding keywords will help you tag and find posts more easily. See how to add tags with hashtags, add tags to existing posts and remove tags from your posts on Convo. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Reacting to posts in Convo
    4m 10s
    Your feed is composed of posts from people in your network. See how to like, comment and reply to posts to converse with your network. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Sharing documents & images in Convo
    5m 19s
    You can share images, PDF's as well as media files on Convo. See how to attach from multiple sources and share with ease. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Drafting & deleting posts in Convo
    4m 19s
    If you don't have time to finish a post you can save it to your drafts and publish it later. See how to manage your drafts as well as view deleted posts on Convo. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Managing your feed in Convo
    5m 8s
    As your network grows on Convo it can be useful to manage the posts that matter most to you. See how to favorite, repost and edit posts on your feed. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Using your email to communicate in Convo
    5m 18s
    If you'd like to post emails directly onto Convo you can integrate your email service. See how to add you emails to a group, reply to emails from Convo and remove your email integration. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Starting a chat in Convo
    6m 4s
    Convo has a built in instant messaging function that enables you to start chatting with people in your network instantaneously. See how to create a chat, reply to chat messages and start a chat conversation via email. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Chatting with multiple users in Convo
    4m 2s
    If you would like to chat with multiple contacts at the same time you can invite others to join you chat conversation. See how to add others, share your conversation with your network and leave a chat on Convo. FREE ACCESS


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