Configuring a Messaging Platform: Connectors

Microsoft 365 2019    |    Intermediate
  • 22 Videos | 1h 40m 3s
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Explore how to plan, configure, and manage send connectors and receive connectors in this 22-video course, designed to help in preparation for the MS-200 Planning and Configuring a Messaging Platform certification exam. Learners begin the course by examining receive connectors, including default receive connectors, local address bindings, and remote addresses. Then you will explore receive connector usage types, authentication mechanisms, and permission groups. Next, learners examine scenarios for custom receive connectors and demonstrate how to modify the SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) banner and allow anonymous relay. Then you will move on to examine send connectors, including usage types, network settings, address spaces, permissions, and scope. Also covered in this course are key considerations for implementing custom receive connectors, including the widely used Exchange Server default connectors. Finally, the course gives practical demonstrations of how to create Internet mail and outbound mail send connectors; how to configure proxy outbound mail send connectors; and how to enable protocol logging.


  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
    provide an overview of receive connectors
    list default receive connectors created in the Front End Transport service on Mailbox servers
    provide an overview of receive connector local address bindings
    describe receive connector remote addresses
    list receive connector usage types
    list receive connector authentication mechanisms
    list the available permission groups
    list scenarios for using custom receive connectors in Exchange Server
    modify the SMTP banner on receive connectors
    allow anonymous relay on Exchange servers
  • provide an overview of send connectors
    list send connector usage types
    describe using DNS or smart hosts to route mail
    list available SMTP address space values
    provide an overview of the send connector scope
    list send connector permissions
    create a send connector to send mail to the internet
    create a send connector to route outbound mail through a smart host
    configure send connectors to proxy outbound mail
    configure protocol loggings
    summarize the key concepts covered in this course



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