Configuring an Account in LinkedIn Web

LinkedIn Web    |    Intermediate
  • 4 videos | 20m 31s
Your LinkedIn account contains a lot of personal information, and knowing how to edit and protect it is essential. Learn how to edit your account details, adjust your privacy and notification settings, and back up your account data.


  • Edit your linkedin account information
    Adjust your linkedin privacy settings
  • Adjust your linkedin email notification settings
    Export your linkedin account data


  • 5m 36s
    You are required when creating a LinkedIn account to supply contact details and other information. This information can be modified at any time, simply by accessing your account settings. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 24s
    LinkedIn uses a certain amount of personal information to create and manage your account, but you are not required to share it with everyone. You will see how manage the information seen on your profile and limit the information others can view. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Adjusting your email notification settings in LinkedIn Web
    4m 17s
    LinkedIn will sometimes send you notification emails alerting you to particular types of activity involving your profile. These emails can be useful if you want to stay informed on how users are interacting with your profile or discussions that you have started in a particular group. You can, however, reduce the number of emails that you receive from LinkedIn by disabling certain types of notifications. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Exporting your account data in LinkedIn Web
    5m 14s
    On LinkedIn, you can save a backup of your account data by performing a data export. The archive will be downloaded in a zip file from which you can extract the files after choosing what you want to be included in your download. Once extracted, you can open and view the files in your data archive. FREE ACCESS