Configuring OneNote for Windows 10

OneNote Windows 10    |    Intermediate
  • 7 videos | 24m 4s
  • Includes Assessment
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OneNote for Windows 10 can be configured to suit your personal preferences. This 7-video course helps learners discover how to customize the interface, display mode, and manage their accounts. To begin, explore how to customize your notebook's appearance, hiding and resizing the navigation pane. Next, learn how to adjust your display mode in order to read your notes more comfortably, zoom in for greater detail, work on several pages at a time, or open them in separate windows. Examine how to use the immersive reader, useful for users with auditory or visual disabilities as you can play the text, change read mode, and highlight words. Change the color of the interface; configure how the app opens by defining quick access and a page template, and switch between accounts by connecting or removing a user account. To complete the course, learners will observe how to use OneNote with keyboard shortcuts, a useful alternative to the mouse.


  • Hide & resize the interface pane
    Read your notes more comfortably
    Play the text, change read mode & highlight words
    Change the color of the interface
  • Define quick access & a page template
    Connect or remove a user account
    Use onenote with keyboard shortcuts


  • 3m 17s
    In OneNote, you can easily resize the navigation panes to make them wider or narrower. This is useful if your section and page titles frequently appear truncated, or if you want to maximize your note-taking space. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 29s
    Depending on the way in which you want to read your notes, you can choose to open them in a separate window. You can also zoom into your pages to see more details. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using the immersive reader
    5m 46s
    The immersive reader is useful for users with auditive or vision disabilities. Learn how to play a text, to change the colors and the read mode. You can also highlight words depending on their categories. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Changing the color mode
    1m 52s
    In OneNote, it is now possible to switch the interface elements from light to dark. In this way you can then have a stronger contrast. You can also use the My Windows Mode to modify the interface display color. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Configuring how the app opens
    4m 14s
    To be able to take notes more quickly, you can choose a notebook for your quick notes and pin a blank, a ready to use page on the Windows 10 start menu. If you often use the same structure for your notes, you can create a page template. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Switching between accounts
    You can use your OneNote for Windows 10 app with multiple accounts: personal, work and school accounts. In this video, you will see how to add accounts, find the accounts you've added and remove accounts you no longer want to use. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Using OneNote with the keyboard
    2m 27s
    Keyboard shortcuts are a useful alternative to your mouse. They allow to make modifications, format your notes and even create sections and pages. FREE ACCESS


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