Connecting & Setting Up in Google Docs 2020

Google Docs 2020    |    Beginner
  • 10 videos | 37m 27s
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Google Docs is a web-based word processing application from Google. Discover how to access the application, explore the interface, navigate documents, use keyboard shortcuts, customize interface elements, and work with add-ons.


  • Get access and connect to google docs
    Open and edit a document
    Discover the application tools
    Create new documents
    Use templates to create documents
  • Create a custom template
    Navigate and browse a document
    Use keyboards shortcuts in google docs
    Configure the interface of the application
    Install, use and uninstall add-ons


  • 3m 57s
    Google Docs is an online-based word processing application that is part of a free office suite service created by Google. You can access Google Docs directly using your web browser or, alternatively, via Google Drive. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 16s
    Google Docs allows you to open and edit a number of different document types. This tutorial will show you how to open an existing text document which can be accessed via your Google Docs or Google Drive portal. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using the application in Google Docs 2020
    5m 28s
    In order to successfully get to grips with Google Docs, you will need to understand the interface. Learn to access the toolbars and menus as well as the account settings in this tutorial. You will also see how to use Google Docs' Assistance tool, which can help you quickly and easily find the tools you need to edit your documents. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating a document in Google Docs 2020
    3m 39s
    You have the possibility of creating new documents from Google Docs or Google Drive. Once you create a document, to be able to find it more easily, you must rename it. In this video, you will also see how to create a new document if you are already editing one. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Using templates in Google Docs 2020
    4m 5s
    Google Docs allows users to create a document using a pre-designed template. These documents contain placeholder text so the user can create and personalize their version using the structure provided. You will see how to locate, open and edit a template provided by Google. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Creating a document template in Google Docs 2020
    5m 18s
    Google Docs allows you to create document templates by using an existing document as the reference template. You can then add it to your template gallery in order to use the same format and style of the document whenever needed. You will see how to create a template, locate it in Google Docs as well as edit it and remove it from the gallery. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Browsing your document in Google Docs 2020
    3m 11s
    If your document is long and comprises a large number of pages, then you will find this tutorial useful. In it, you will find out how to browse your document using both the mouse and the keyboard. Google Docs makes accessing what you need easy. The Google Doc zoom function can also be used to change the level of detail in which you view your document. Zooming in allows you to visualize a particular element of your document more closely, while zooming out can help you get an overall view of your document. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Using keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs 2020
    2m 17s
    Google Docs allows you to use a number of keyboard shortcuts, which can save you a lot of time when composing and editing a text. It is even possible to create your own custom shortcuts in order to adapt the software to your own personal needs. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Customizing the application's appearance in Google Docs 2020
    2m 40s
    In order to get the most out of the application, you may want to adjust the application's appearance to suit your preferences. Every toolbar in the Google Docs application can be toggled on and off, allowing you to customize how you use the application. In this tutorial, you will also find out how to use the full-screen mode, both via Google Docs and in the Google Chrome browser. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Using add-ons in Google Docs 2020
    3m 36s
    Add-ons are small programs that can increase your productivity by adding complementary features to Google Docs. Learn how to install, deactivate and delete extensions in this tutorial. FREE ACCESS


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