Contact Management & Communication in Salesforce Lightning

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To be successful, you need to keep your contacts in good order. Discover how to create, update, and manage contacts; send emails via Salesforce; and create, edit, and use email templates.


  • create contacts in Salesforce
    update your contacts in Salesforce
    manage duplicates in Salesforce
  • email contacts in Salesforce
    create and use email templates in Salesforce


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    1.  Creating a contact in Salesforce Lightning
    5m 47s
    When you're following a deal you may have multiple contacts involved. See how to create a new contact, add a contact from an existing account as well as attach your contacts to your opportunities in Salesforce. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Updating your contacts in Salesforce Lightning
    3m 42s
    You can access contacts via your opportunities and accounts. You can also edit contacts from the object page. See how to update, change and remove contacts from Salesforce. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Managing duplicates in Salesforce Lightning
    3m 13s
    When you create a duplicate account Salesforce will warn you to give you the opportunity to remedy this. See how to prevent duplicates or ignore duplicate warnings on Salesforce. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Emailing a contact in Salesforce Lightning
    5m 42s
    If you'd like to communicate with your leads, opportunities and accounts via email, you can access them directly from the objects page. See how to find, compose and send emails via Salesforce. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Creating & using email templates in Salesforce Lightning
    5m 31s
    You can create, edit and add your own email templates to save time. See how to create, edit and insert email templates on Salesforce. FREE ACCESS


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