Creating Shortcuts & Flows in iOS 12

iOS 12    |    Intermediate
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Efficiently manage your work flow with the iOS 12 shortcut app. This course shows you how to create quick, easy shortcuts to the most used functions of your favorite applications and simplify your navigation pathways. There are tips on how to add shortcuts to Siri and your home screen that link directly to the most used tasks in each of your applications. Learn how to browse the gallery for readily available shortcuts. Select a shortcut that you can configure as needed. Other topics include how to install a shortcut from the gallery or how to design your own custom shortcut. Finally, learn how to streamline and manage your shortcut navigation system.


  • Use suggested shortcuts with siri
    Use the ios 12 shortcuts app
    Install an ios 12 shortcut from the gallery
  • Create custom shortcuts in ios 12
    Use ios 12 shortcuts more efficiently
    Manage your ios 12 shortcuts


  • 3m 48s
    Using the suggested shortcuts in Siri allows you to add voice commands to actions in different apps meaning you can complete tasks with just your voice. This video will show you how to find, add and delete Siri suggested shortcuts. FREE ACCESS
  • 3m 5s
    The Shortcuts app in iOS 12 lets you create your own shortcuts for doing tasks in different apps on your device. You can also access the gallery of pre-made shortcuts to add them to your library. This video will show you how to access and navigate the new app. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Installing a shortcut from the gallery in iOS 12
    4m 49s
    You can find a wide variety of shortcuts in the app Gallery. When you find one that you think is useful you can add to your library. You can also edit the shortcuts you choose and see how they are built for inspiration for your own shortcuts. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating custom shortcuts in iOS 12
    5m 9s
    Shortcuts are built with actions that you can choose and configure to create your own flow of content. Once you have created a shortcut you can run it to check it works, edit it by adding more actions and make it easy to identify by changing the name and icon. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Using shortcuts more efficiently in iOS 12
    5m 14s
    The Shortcuts app gives you multiple options to be able to use your shortcuts more efficiently. For example, you can create a voice command to use with Siri and add them to your home screen and widgets page. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Managing your shortcuts in iOS 12
    4m 29s
    It's important to manage your shortcuts to keep your library organized and up to date. This video will also show you how to duplicated shortcuts to save you time when creating them. FREE ACCESS


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