Customizing System Appearance in Windows 10

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Windows 10 lets you customize many of the interface items. Discover how to use Tablet mode; customize the Start menu, taskbar, and desktop icons and background; add and remove toolbars; and configure date, time, and sound alerts.


  • Activating the tablet mode
    Using the tablet mode
    Customizing your start menu
    Organizing your start menu applications
    Customizing your windows theme
    Downloading & installing desktop themes
    Customizing the taskbar
    Customizing the notification area
    Changing your desktop background
    Customizing your background color
  • Customizing your display options
    Activating your default desktop icons
    Customizing your desktop icons
    Changing a folder icon
    Adding & removing toolbars
    Customizing your sound alerts
    Adjusting your time & date settings
    Managing your time zone
    Turning on a screensaver


  • 4m 55s
    Tablet mode is a feature available in Windows 10 which allows you to run a simplified, more user-friendly version of Windows 10 designed for use on small, tactile devices like your smartphone or tablet but its also available on your PC. Switching in and out of the Tablet mode is easy with Windows 10 so you can use it anytime you want. FREE ACCESS
  • 5m 21s
    In Tablet mode, the interface design makes interaction with your device simple and easy to navigate. You can perform all of the same actions and run the same programs as on the desktop version of Windows 10 and switch back and forth between the two modes as you'd like. Once you get the feel for the Windows 10 tablet interface, you'll discover a useful alternative for accessing Windows 10. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Customizing your Start menu in Windows 10
    5m 53s
    The Start menu in Windows 10 is the key change to Microsoft's operating system. The appearance of this menu is fully-customizable. For example, you can change the applications that appear as tiles, you can create groups of apps, change the color scheme and the background, and even move your tiles around. If you'd like you can also apply the same background to your Start menu and desktop workspace. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Organizing your Start menu applications in Windows 10
    5m 31s
    In Windows 10, you can organize your applications that are pinned to the start menu by creating groups and tile folders within these groups. You can also reposition your groups in any order that you prefer. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Customizing your Windows theme in Windows 10
    5m 58s
    The Windows 10 themes allow you to adjust multiple elements which control the appearance of your desktop interface. You can select among existing Windows themes or download new themes to access a larger selection of choices. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Downloading & installing desktop themes in Windows 10
    5m 17s
    In Windows 10, you can download desktop theme packs from the Windows Store. Once you download the theme pack you can apply it as a desktop background slideshow on your device. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Customizing the taskbar in Windows 10
    5m 39s
    The appearance of your Windows 10 taskbar can be customized. You can, for example, adjust its size and its location on the desktop. You can also lock it to its location, meaning that you will not be able to move it inadvertently. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Customizing the notification area in Windows 10
    7m 12s
    In Windows 10, the notification area is found in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, as part of the taskbar. You can adjust which icons appear in this notification area and which applications send notifications there. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Changing your desktop background in Windows 10
    5m 32s
    Your Windows 10 desktop background can be customized. You can change the color scheme and add one or multiple images. You can also adjust how the image appears on your desktop and how often it automatically changes. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Customizing your background color in Windows 10
    6m 12s
    In Windows 10, you can customize your background by applying a custom color, picture or slideshow. You can also adjust your display options by changing your app mode or applying a high contrast color theme. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Customizing your display options in Windows 10
    5m 56s
    In Windows 10, you can customize your display settings to suit your needs. You will see how to configure the adaptive brightness feature, enable the Night Light dispay mode, and change your device's scale and layout. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Activating your default desktop icons in Windows 10
    3m 39s
    Save certain icons on your Windows 10 desktop by default to ensure quicker access to apps, folders and files that you frequently use. For example, you can make the Recycle Bin, Computer, Network configuration, and Documents icons appear each time you use your desktop. The appearance of these icons on your desktop can also be customized. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Customizing your desktop icons in Windows 10
    2m 44s
    In Windows 10, you can customize how your shortcut icons appear on your desktop. Each icon can be moved around, and it is even possible to change the size of your file icons. You can also adjust their alignment, or sort them according to different criteria. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Changing a folder icon in Windows 10
    3m 48s
    Icons are used to represent folders, files and applications in Windows 10. If you want to make a particular item stand out, you can change the icon that is used to represent it. Windows 10 features a large gallery of icons that you can use. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Adding & removing toolbars in Windows 10
    4m 22s
    You can access your files and folders more quickly by adding a variety of different toolbars to your Windows 10 taskbar. Once you have added these toolbars, you can customize their appearance, position, and even their icon size. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Customizing your sound alerts in Windows 10
    1m 54s
    In Windows 10, certain actions and operations are accompanied by a sound alert. You will, for example, have noticed that a sound is played when you connect a USB device to your computer. You can customize your sound setup and even choose your own sounds for certain actions. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Adjusting your time & date settings in Windows 10
    4m 7s
    If you notice that the time and date in Windows 10 is wrong, you can adjust it manually. You can also change the time and date formats, and even use the internet to ensure that you always have the correct time. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Managing your time zone in Windows 10
    2m 50s
    If you move to a different country or you are a frequent traveler, you may find it useful to know how to adjust your computer's time zone. Windows 10 features all the different time zones that you might need. You can also create additional clocks set to different zones, so that you can keep an eye on the time in different areas of the world. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  Turning on a screensaver in Windows 10
    3m 19s
    If you want to save energy when your computer is idle, you can activate a screensaver. Windows 10 features a number of different screensavers which can be used – including photo slideshows, bubble animations and text - each with different settings that can be used to customize them. FREE ACCESS


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