Discovering Groups with Microsoft 365 Groups

Microsoft 365 Groups 2020    |    Beginner
  • 11 videos | 38m 8s
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With Microsoft 365 Groups you can choose a group of people to collaborate thanks to some tools like a shared inbox, a shared agenda, and a shared file library. In this first course of a series you are going to see how to connect, navigate, participate, create, edit, and manage members from your Outlook Online groups. You are also going to discover group options provided by the Outlook 365 desktop version, Yammer, SharePoint, and Planner. Learn also how to integrate an existing Microsoft 365 group to Microsoft Teams.


  • Connect yourself to office 365 groups
    Navigate the web app and desktop app interface
    Be part of a group
    Create a group
    Manage the members of a group
    Make changes and delete your group
  • Discover yammer groups
    Discover the team sites of sharepoint
    Discover the plans of microsoft planner
    Manage your office 365 groups
    Create a team from a group


  • 4m 36s
    Microsoft 365 Groups is a service that allows you to access a number of collaborative tools to help make working together easier. You will see how to sign in and out of Microsoft 365, how to access your groups and how to view your groups from your Outlook desktop application. FREE ACCESS
  • 4m 40s
    Microsoft 365 Groups is an online workspace where people on a team can exchange information and files. In order to start using Groups, it is important to know how to find your groups and navigate them. You will see how to access the Microsoft 365 online platform as well as the Outlook desktop version. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Joining a group
    3m 4s
    In Microsoft 365 Groups, you can join the different groups that your colleagues have created. If a group is public, you can join right away, but if it is private, you have to send a request. You will see how to search for groups and join a public and private group. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Creating a group
    3m 36s
    If you are working on a new project and want everyone to keep up to date on it, you can create a new group. You will see how to create a group, add members, and invite guests from outside your organization to join your group on Microsoft 365 Groups. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Managing group members
    2m 40s
    Once you have created a group in Microsoft 365, you can manage its members. You will see how to view a group's members, add additional members, change member roles, and remove members. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Editing and deleting a group
    3m 31s
    Once you create a group in Microsoft 365, you can always go back and modify it. You will see how to edit your group information, delete a group and add a group to the favorites section. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Discovering Yammer groups
    4m 3s
    With Yammer groups you can easily work on projects and events by providing a central place for your conversations, files and updates. In this course you are going to learn how to find, create and manage a group in Yammer. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Discovering SharePoint Online team sites
    3m 19s
    With a SharePoint team site you can store and collaborate on files and work in collaboration with your team. In this course you will see how to access and create a SharePoint team site. Also see where your team files, apps, web pages, and recent site activity are located. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Discovering a Microsoft Planner plan
    2m 52s
    With Microsoft Planner you can organize and optimize your team's workflow. Create plans, organize and delegate tasks as well as improve team communication are a few features of this app that you will discover. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Managing Office 365 Groups
    2m 50s
    Once you have learned how to create or join a group, it is important to know how to manage the long list of groups you may have. In this course you are going to learn how to manage your groups on Microsoft 365 Groups. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Integrating Groups to Teams
    2m 57s
    If you have a group already created, you can transform it into a Microsoft Teams team in a quick and easy way. In this video you will see how to create a Microsoft Teams team from a Microsoft 365 group. FREE ACCESS


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