Expert Insights on Crisis Management

  • 2 videos | 5m 7s
If you could predict it, you could avoid it. But a crisis often seems to come out of nowhere, blindsiding your company and sending it scrambling to control the damage. But many business crises can, indeed, be predicted and planned for. Even though you may not be able to anticipate the precise details of a crisis, you can manage the risks and have a plan of action in place for when adversity strikes. In this course, expert Eric McNulty explains how to face a crisis head-on and lead your team through it successfully.


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    1.  The After-action Review Process
    2m 41s
    Crises are unavoidable; sooner of later, they hit. And when they do, you have to have a plan in place to limit the damage and move forward. In this video, expert Eric McNulty explains the steps necessary for a company to properly review its response to a crisis. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Leading During a Crisis
    2m 27s
    In times of crisis, your team looks to you for guidance and leadership in knowing how to properly respond. If you're not prepared to provide steady leadership, your team is going to suffer. In this video, expert Eric McNulty discusses how leaders can act in ways that inspire confidence in times of crisis. FREE ACCESS