Expert Insights on Digital Transformation

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Technology is changing the way business is done.  Gain insight into the impact of technology; and move into the future with Digital Transformation.


  • Acquire insights on why leaders need to become one with technology and use it to their advantage.
    Acquire insights on how to use technology to transform organizations.
    Acquire insights on the misconceptions about digital transformations and what they really are about.
    Acquire insights on how high-performing organizations choose capabilities models to drive transformations.
    Acquire insights on how to effectively measure the performance of software.
    Acquire insights on how to measure the culture of an organization.
    Acquire insights on how to get value out of technology.
    Acquire insights on the five principles of continuous delivery.
    Acquire insights on undertaking a technology transformation.
    Acquire insights on the dimensions of transformational leaders.
    Acquire insights on the differences between survey and system-based measures.
    Acquire insights on navigating the digital transformation.
    Aquire insights on the one fundamental element that often gets overlooked during the process of digital transformation: data and analytics.
    Acquire insights on to understand that high-performing companies take an enterprisewide approach to digital transformation.
    Acquire insights to understand that data and the technology that houses it are a critical building block for analytics.
    Acquire insights on the correlation between a company's use of analytics and its level of success.
    Acquire insights to understand that a culture of analytics starts with top leaders who set a hands-on example.
    Acquire insights to understand that by setting and prioritizing potential uses of analytics throughout the organization, targets evolve into worthwhile business initiatives.
    Acquire insights to understand that both analytical talent and analytical techniques--put to use on a daily basis--are vital to analytical success.
    Acquire insights on analytic fundamentals for managers.
    Acquire insights on knowing the difference between innovation and transformation impacts how well and how soon you achieve the first job responsibility of progress.
    Acquire insights on to understand that while technology is great for businesses, it also exposes them to security risks. All managers need to learn to follow four basic practices to protect themselves and their organizations.
    Acquire insights on the set of cultural characteristics shared by digitally mature organizations.
    Acquire insights on understanding that even if you don’t know exactly what digital will look like in 20 years, the time to start planning for the future is now.
    Acquire insights on understanding that digital disruption doesn’t require new leaders. It’s about adapting existing leadership skills in a new environment.
    Acquire insights on what your organization can do to retain skilled employees during digital transformation.
  • Acquire insights on understanding that a successful outcome to digital transformation depends on a growth mindset, where those who are leading the change believe that change is within their control.
    Acquire insights on learning to use your organization’s capacity to achieve its “digital DNA.”
    Acquire insights that digital disruption and transformation are not about technology but about adaptation.
    Acquire insights on understanding that AI in a way that intentionally tricks customers into believing they are interacting with a human instead of a bot is a bad idea.
    Acquire insights on why AI should be used to provide better processes - not providing short-term fixes to bad ones.
    Acquire insights on how algorithms affect so much of our lives and the need for more transparency.
    Acquire insights on what organizations need to do secure their IoT-enabled device now that data is becoming increasingly valuable.
    Acquire insights on understanding the limitations of amplifying analytics through three principles of amplification.
    Acquire insights on understanding how the possibilities created by analytics entail corresponding responsibilities.
    Acquire insights on making data analysis work for you.
    Acquire insights on what it means for today’s managers and supervisors as the digital business environment continues to evolve.
    Acquire insights on four ways business can make money in the digital era.
    Acquire insights on the specific activities that can help boards and their members become more digitally savvy.
    Acquire insights on how digital disruption places demands on three fronts on boards and how boards must respond to this disruption.
    Acquire insights on the four pathways that companies can take to digitally transform themselves into future-ready companies.
    Acquire insights on the three sources of competitive advantage in the digital economy.
    Acquire insights on how the CIO and the IT unit are central to the success of a digital business transformation.
    Acquire insights on how digitization is disrupting existing business models.
    Acquire insights on embracing new technologies as part of your digital transformation strategy.
    Acquire insights on understanding that digital technology is changing the world and, to succeed, your business needs to change with it.
    Acquire insights on understanding that buy-in from the C-suite is essential to drive an organization’s digital transformation.
    Acquire insights on succeeding at digital transformation.
    Acquire insights on uncovering where a business can maximize their potential by applying digital technologies to those areas and use those as a starting point for digital transformation.
    Acquire insights to understand that having a digital literacy plan is essential for your business to thrive in the digital age.
    Acquire insights on understanding that mid-level executives need not be technical experts; they do however need to learn how technology can disrupt their area, and think creatively about how to apply new technologies.


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    Using Technology to Transform Organizations
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    Digital Transformations
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    Capabilities Models Drive Transformations
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    Measuring Software Performance
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    Measuring Organizational Culture
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    Getting Value out of Technology
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    The Five Principles of Continuous Delivery
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    Technology Transformation
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    Dimensions of Transformational Leaders
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