Expert Insights on Employee Retention

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Employees who feel undervalued lack motivation and produce less; and often they leave the organization, taking their talent elsewhere. To get employees engaged, give them a purpose. Then watch retention rates and profits increase!


  • Acquire insights on how interpersonal engagement is different from engagement in business.
    Acquire insights on the benefits of inspiring people through" hope" in an organization.
    Acquire insights on increasing employee engagement in an organization.
    Acquire insights on the importance of employees having a role in decision-making for better engagement within an organization.
    Acquire insights on strategies to increase engagement within an organization.
    Acquire insights on the importance of work culture in developing high levels of engagement within an organization.
    Acquire insights on strategies for increasing engagement within an organization.
    Acquire insights on how giving space to employees can be effective in improving engagement in an organization.
    Acquire insights on the importance of autonomy in increasing engagement within an organization.
    Acquire insights on the usefulness of a tool called "joy meter" in increasing employee engagement within an organization.
  • Acquire insights on the importance of training and development of individuals in an organization.
    Acquire insights to understand that retention of a new employee can be more problematic than the recruiting and hiring process.
    Acquire insights on meaningful employee engagement.
    Acquire insights on avoiding exit interviews by taking the time to conduct "stay interviews."
    Acquire insights on achieving maximum results and team dedication through job enrichment.
    Acquire insights on the five steps to build your talent pipeline and deliver career opportunities to your employees.
    Acquire insights on retaining your top talent through listening, responding, and showing respect.
    Acquire insights on understanding that to keep your top talent, be creative when showing them your appreciation.
    Acquire insights on the key elements to a great onboarding approach.
    Acquire insights on how to achieve employee-centered hr design.


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    1.  People Engagement Versus Business Engagement
    1m 24s
    Engagement in conversation is different from engagement in the business. Employees who are engaged in their work know what to do; operate autonomously; and can make their own decisions. Interpersonal engagement may not translate to work engagement. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Unleashing the Potential of your People: Inspire Hope not Fear
    2m 16s
    Fear makes us concentrate on survival and security; not engagement and innovation. Inspire hope; instead. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Increasing Engagement in Your Organization
    2m 57s
    Engagement is the connection employees have with the organization and each other. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Engage Your Employee
    1m 11s
    It’s important to let employees have a voice in your decision-making. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  How to Increase Engagement
    3m 57s
    About 70 percent of American workers are not engaged. To increase engagement create an attractive work environment; connect workers with the purpose; and try to make the work fun. Allison describes a competition to encourage hand washing in a hospital. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Developing High Levels of Engagement
    3m 26s
    Employees who are excited to come to work are well matched to the culture of the organization. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Two Magic Ingredients for Engaging People
    3m 11s
    Change communication from one-way—telling people what to do—to two-way engagement. Second; to engage people they must feel valued and included. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Giving Employees Space Fosters Engagement
    3m 22s
    Giving your employees more space might be the best way to keep them close. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Gaining Engagement through Autonomy
    2m 18s
    People don’t engage through management or incentives; they engage through self direction. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  A 'Joy Meter' of Employee Engagement
    2m 30s
    Allison Rimm constructed a “Joy Meter” to measure the ratio of joy to hassle an employee might feel when asked to take on a new assignment. Her example is being asked to serve on the audit committee; and some considerations that influence the level of her joy. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Your Business Is The Training & Development Of Your People
    3m 27s
    Put your people first. ServiceMaster Chairman Emeritus William Pollard explains why it's critical for businesses to make the training and development of its people a top priority. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Onboarding Teams Improve Retention
    2m 18s
    Retention of a new employee can be more problematic than the recruiting and hiring process. Maintain workplace diversity and improve retention rates by creating an onboarding team. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Surveys, Focus Groups, and Meaningful Employee Engagement
    2m 12s
    Many companies conduct annual employee surveys and then do nothing with the information they gather. The result? Time wasted, employees disengaged in the feedback process, and a missed opportunity to find out more about the inner-workings of your organization. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Avoid Exit Interviews by Taking the Time to Conduct “Stay Interviews”
    3m 2s
    The success of your organization is dependent on the performance of your top talent. Yet, many managers only scramble to retain talented employees and keep them engaged once it has become clear they plan to leave. Conducting a “stay interview” lays the groundwork for keeping employees engaged, committed, and productive. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  Achieve Maximum Results and Team Dedication Through Job Enrichment
    2m 42s
    Regardless of your role, the feeling of being challenged can easily change to a feeling of routine. When this happens to your employees, their enthusiasm evaporates, and they may consider leaving the organization. Job enrichment, which can be facilitated through learning, helps employees to find the growth, the challenge, and the renewal they seek. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  Five Steps to Build Your Talent Pipeline and Deliver Career Opportunities to Your Employees
    2m 44s
    Tangible career opportunities are one of the primary reasons people stay with an organization. Leaders who fail to engage in career opportunity conversations risk losing their top talent. If you want engaged productive people on your team, help them find opportunities to shape their careers, according to their own unique wants and needs. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  Retaining Your Top Talent Through Listening, Responding, and Showing Respect
    2m 5s
    If you disrespect your top talent, and if they feel you don’t trust them, they’re unlikely to stick around. The one behavior that talented people seldom tolerate for long is disrespect. To retain your top talent, listen to them, respond to them, and always treat them with respect and dignity. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  To Keep Your Top Talent, Be Creative When Showing Them Your Appreciation
    2m 45s
    People want recognition for work well done. Pay and perks are important, but they are not enough to keep people from leaving if they don’t feel appreciated. Rewards need to match your employees’ needs and wants, and rewards that are expected or deemed routine are ineffectual. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  The Key Elements to a Great Onboarding Approach
    4m 2s
    Despite the importance of onboarding, it's often overlooked. Fortunately, there are some great examples of companies out there who are changing onboarding for the better. Find out about the key elements to a great onboarding approach. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  How to Achieve Employee-Centered HR Design
    4m 22s
    In order to transform HR to make it more relevant and impactful, we need to invest time and energy in user-centered or employee-centered HR design. The objective is to make products and services more closely aligned to the needs and wants of our employees rather than just what the organization wants. Find out how to get to a more employee-centered approach to HR. FREE ACCESS


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