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Vision is, by definition, the ability to see ahead. Leaders need to see what's ahead more than anyone else if they're going to lead their companies in the right direction toward success and profitability. Real vision inspires action.


  • Acquire insights on the importance of sharing a vision and inspiring others as a leader.
    Acquire insights on what makes a great organization.
    Acquire insights on the importance of vision and purpose in the growth of organizations.
    Acquire insights on what makes a conscious leader and his/her decisions different from other leaders.
    Acquire insights on the importance of understanding the purpose of the organization.
    Acquire insights on the importance of behaving in accordance with your vision as a leader.
    Acquire insights on the importance of looking inward to define your goals and vision.
    Acquire insights on how organizations and individuals can achieve goals non-linearly.
    Acquire insights on how leaders can align their vision with their key priorities.
    Acquire insights on the why vision statements fail.
    Acquire insights on the critical factors commonly found missing from a leader's checklist.
    Acquire insights on the importance of explaining the vision as a leader.
    Acquire insights on how organizations can gain competitive advantage by combining their operational knowledge with strategic vision.
  • Acquire insights on how organizations can manage profits over market share.
    Acquire insights on the negative effects of scarcity thinking in a group or organization.
    Acquire insights on the importance of senior executuves in defining and setting up new business units.
    Acquire insights on setting a comprehensive long-term strategy for an organization.
    Acquire insights on using the energy from inspiration in setting goals.
    Acquire insights on how leaders can build a synergist mindset in an organization.
    Acquire insights on the 3 p's leadership model.
    Acquire insights on the importance of becoming a pioneer and an innovator.
    Acquire insights on how vision sharing by leaders can be as powerful as envisioning paris, france.
    Acquire insights on using urgency to make more significant decisions as leaders.
    Acquire insights on the importance of being a situational leader.
    Acquire insights on how leaders with purpose bring together the vision, mission, and values of the organization.


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    1.  The Most Important Leadership Practice: Inspire and Share a Vision
    1m 50s
    The most important practice for leaders is to envision the future and communicate that vision in a way that others can see themselves in the vision. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  Building Cathedrals
    3m 5s
    Good companies are focused on themselves. They know their own strengths and they operate in those strengths every day. There’s nothing wrong with that; Gary Krahn says. But if you want to be a great company; you have to take it a step further. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Without Vision; Companies Will Perish
    7m 36s
    Companies without a purpose will perish. Merv Hillier shares how to take an organization from “good to great;” all by starting with a purpose. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Conscious Leaders
    2m 58s
    Conscious leaders know who their stakeholders are; and are willing to go to places they had not imagined. For example; you need a healthy relationship with your suppliers. Ask how you can engage stakeholders to help you get to a better place. Tom Gardner gives examples. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Organizational Purpose: Start with Why
    2m 20s
    Many organizations know what they do and how they do it; but not why—their purpose; why they exist. FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Live Your Vision
    3m 3s
    You need to live your vision all the time; wherever you are. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Look Inward for Your Vision and Goals
    2m 31s
    Don’t define your vision and goals by looking at the outside world. Look inside instead. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Achieve Your Goals By Looking Ahead
    2m 42s
    Following a straight line to reach your goals happens rarely; be prepared to reset as needed to reach your destination. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Aligning Vision with Priorities
    2m 53s
    If you know where you’re going it’s a lot easier to get there. Leaders who are struggling don’t have a vision and 3-5 key priorities. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Why Vision Statements Fail
    Vision statements fail because they paint pictures of the future that appeal only to leadership. Vision statements leave out the people who work there. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  A Leader's Checklist: Vision and Appreciation
    2m 41s
    Pilots; surgeons; and firefighters use checklists to guide their work. So should leaders. Michael Useem has a 15-item checklist for leaders; starting with a vision and strategy. However; the item leaders miss most often is appreciation for the work the employees do. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Explain Why; Then Get Out of the Way
    1m 1s
    Leaders should frame a need for creativity and innovation by explaining what it is; why it’s important; some ideas about how it could be done; perhaps some expectations; with emphasis on the vision that propels it. Then get out of the way. FREE ACCESS
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    13.  Combine Operational Knowledge with Strategic Vision
    6m 57s
    Strategy is about deciding what goals you need to achieve; then bringing together resources and opportunities to create a coherent whole that provides competitive advantage. FREE ACCESS
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    14.  Managing for Market Share or Profit
    3m 12s
    The pursuit of market share over profit can be deeply entrenched. FREE ACCESS
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    15.  The Illusion of Scarcity Part 1: Scarcity vs. Abundance
    4m 3s
    Scarcity thinking is a disease that will ruin any group. Tim will help you get over the disease by the end of this series. FREE ACCESS
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    16.  The Role of Senior Executives in Leading Growth
    1m 41s
    Senior executives should define how new business units should be different from their competition. FREE ACCESS
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    17.  The Value Of Setting A Long-Term Strategy
    4m 9s
    When implementing a long-term strategy; connecting the overall vision with day-to-day operations is essential. Anders Dahlvig explains how setting such a strategy can provide for a comprehensive plan while creating a sense of stability. FREE ACCESS
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    18.  Inspiration As The Catalyst For Goals
    4m 3s
    The energy that comes from inspiration is far better than the energy that comes from obligation and duty. Myles Downey talks about how to use inspiration to set goals. FREE ACCESS
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    19.  The Synergist
    3m 17s
    Leaders tend to be visionaries; processors; or operators. FREE ACCESS
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    20.  The 3 Ps of Leadership: People, Purpose, and Performance
    2m 5s
    The leadership model starts with meaningful work for the people entrusted to you. Then; to inspire the people you must give them a purpose. Finally; you’ve got to perform — create value for all stakeholders. You need all three: people; purpose; and performance. FREE ACCESS
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    21.  Be a Pioneer
    3m 33s
    Erik Weihenmayer sees himself as a problem solver; a modern day pioneer motivated by a sense of discovery; not a crazy risk taker. FREE ACCESS
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    22.  Envisioning Paris, France
    4m 1s
    “Paris, France” conjures concrete images and emotions in people who haven’t been there; because they have seen pictures; movies; etc.; over a long period. Similarly; leaders should repeat a phrase; over and over; that triggers images and emotions of a shared future. FREE ACCESS
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    23.  Converting Urgency into Significance
    3m 21s
    Kevin Cashman describes an experience that made him aware of the days left for him on Earth. As leaders; we should ask the same question: How many days do we have? Do we want to spend those days in speed or in significance? In performance or purpose? FREE ACCESS
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    24.  Situational Leadership
    3m 20s
    Situational leaders tailor their approach to the situation. Styles range from autocratic to participative; from push (fact based) to pull (listening and asking question); from analytic to relational. Practice different styles in venues that are outside your usual domain. FREE ACCESS
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    25.  Purpose: Bringing Together the Vision, Mission, and Values
    2m 34s
    Arguably, the three pillars of any organization are its vision, mission, and values. Leaders with purpose demonstrate how to turn these concepts into daily action. FREE ACCESS


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