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What determines the value of the services you provide? How does a customer come to understand who you are and what you stand for? The answer is branding. But that leads to more questions: How do you establish your brand? How do your customers relate to your brand? How do you influence how your customers feel when they see your brand? In this Expert Insight course, branding expert Bruce Turkel will walk you through the answers to these questions, providing his expert insight and advice. He'll show you how you can create, develop, and control your brand and how a world full of potential customers views your company and its products.


  • Recognize the factors that determine the value of the services you provide
    Identify factors that create a sense of satisfaction in customers
    Recognize methods for using technology to incentivize customers
    Identify methods for creating a unique public face in the marketplace
    Recognize strategies for maximizing your brand impact
    Identify methods for turning prospects into customers
  • Recognize how to track current and future branding trends
    Recognize factors that influence how your brand is seen by the public
    Identify strategies for best positioning your products and services with customers
    Recognize methods for taking advantage of adversity
    Identify strategies for successfully embracing text as part of a branding effort
    Recognize methods for creating emotional impacts in your customers


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    1.  Determining the Value of Services
    2m 48s
    Before you can convince your customers of your company's value, you must first recognize it yourself. In this video, Bruce Turkel explains what truly determines the value of the services your company offers. FREE ACCESS
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    2.  How Brands Make People Feel Good
    2m 18s
    If you want to sell your product or service, you have to give your customers something that makes them happy and gives them satisfaction. In this video, expert Bruce Turkel walks you through how successful brands make people feel good about themselves. FREE ACCESS
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    3.  Using Technology to Incentivize Consumers
    2m 1s
    It's hardly news that we live in a digital world and that, by and large, technology rules the marketplace. In this video, expert Bruce Turkel shows you how advancements in technology can be used to turn general consumers into your customers. FREE ACCESS
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    4.  Who You Are and Why You Matter
    4m 9s
    Everyone has competitors and shares a marketplace with other companies trying to reach the same pool of potential customers. In this video, branding expert Bruce Turkel dives into how to understand who your company is, what makes it unique, and how to show customers the value it provides. FREE ACCESS
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    5.  Social Media? No. Strategy? Yes!
    1m 59s
    Social media is important, but on its own, it isn't enough. In fact, in the wrong hands it has the potential to do more harm than good. In this topic, branding expert Bruce Turkel explains why having a branding strategy is paramount and far more important than merely having a "presence." FREE ACCESS
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    6.  Turning Prospects into Customers
    3m 8s
    The world is filled with people who need what your company has to offer. But how can you turn all of these potential prospects into satisfied customers? In this video, branding guru Bruce Turkel walks you through methods you can use to cultivate, grow, and retain a happy customer base. FREE ACCESS
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    7.  Preparing for What's Around the Corner
    3m 39s
    Today is almost over and tomorrow is sitting and waiting for you. Are you ready for it? How can you be ready for whatever is coming your way? In this video, expert Bruce Turkel explains how you can recognize coming trends in branding and marketing, and how you can prepare your company to capitalize on them. FREE ACCESS
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    8.  Who Controls your Brand?
    3m 24s
    Once you release your products and services, they're pretty much out there on their own, at the mercy of the marketplace. Or are they? In this video, branding expert Bruce Turkel walks you through the factors that impact how the world views your products, services, and brand, and then explains how you can control those factors to your company's benefit. FREE ACCESS
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    9.  Selling and Promoting Your Products and Services
    1m 27s
    The days in which any product will "sell itself" are long gone. Even the best, most useful, and revolutionary products and services risk disappearing in the sea of customers' choices and opportunities. In the video, branding expert Bruce Turkel shows you strategies for making certain your company's products and services stand out in the marketplace and get in front of potential customers' eyes. FREE ACCESS
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    10.  Turning Liabilities into Assets
    3m 54s
    Everyone experiences setbacks and every company faces adversity. Successful companies find ways of turning negatives into positives. In this video, branding expert Bruce Turkel discusses methods of turning what seem like liabilities into positive assets. FREE ACCESS
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    11.  Pacing, Emphasis, and Meaning in the Written Word
    4m 40s
    The cliché is that "nobody reads anymore," but what it really means is that people are increasingly reading in nontraditional settings. People read a lot, but many of them do it online, on screens, and on their own schedules. In this video, branding expert Bruce Turkel explains how savvy marketing can embrace and exploit the written word to get attention for their products by meeting customers on their own turf. FREE ACCESS
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    12.  Creating "Goosebump" Moments
    3m 15s
    We all know them when we feel them: those moments when something unexpected hits us with a surprising emotional force and creates a sense of delight. Often, these "goosebump" moments are random coincidence. But they don't have to be. In this video, branding expert Bruce Turkel examines methods marketing professionals can use to purposefully create these moments of serendipity and use them to highlight your products and services. FREE ACCESS


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