Final Exam: Automated Testing

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Final Exam: Automated Testing will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Automated Testing track of the Skillsoft Aspire Automated Testing Journey.


  • Recall the disadvantages of selenium rc and list the benefits of using webdriver as a browser automation framework
    recognize the key components of selenium that are used to describe test suites and test steps involved in managing the selenium testing life cycle
    set up selenium on python and java environments
    recall the features of the selenium ide that make it a fast prototyping tool and recognize its essential components
    recall essential selenium features and the different types of application testing that can be automated using selenium
    list the set of selenese commands that can be used in selenium ide to manipulate, examine, and verify the state of applications
    install the selenium ide and create test cases using the record-and-playback functionality of selenium ide
    take screenshots when tests fail using selenium webdriver
    demonstrate the process of handling security certificates in chrome while automating tests with selenium webdriver
    automate testing scenarios where users must not be allowed to enter a negative number or zero on the text fields of a web page which as per the business case must not contain a negative value or zero
    demonstrate the process of defining and creating multiple test cases using testng
    recall the architecture of single page applications along with the benefits of building single page applications
    configure hub and node for selenium grid server and describe the use of the grid console
    demonstrate the steps to automate tests to verify javascript code execution using selenium python
    recognize the role of locators in selenium and list the prominent types of selenium locators
    recognize the features of legacy and modern applications that can impact test automation using selenium
    integrate testng and selenium and create a dependency between test cases using selenium webdriver and testng
    recall prominent application architectures and their components
    use the selenium webdriver navigation methods to effectively manage browser navigation scenarios
    list prominent web application technologies and frameworks that are used to build applications under test
    install and configure behave bdd framework and create a feature file to generate the code scaffolding for the feature file
    recognize the concept of synchronization and differentiate between conditional and unconditional synchronization
    implement webdriver conditional commands in selenium using python to automate tests based on the specified conditions
    install autoit and use it with selenium webdriver to handle and test authentication windows
    automate testing the behaviour of the context menu in modern web applications
    demonstrate the implementation of test automation to solve recaptcha using selenium
    recall the role of database and log management in functional test automation
    handle windows authentication pop-ups using selenium
    install and configure webdriverio and write test scripts to execute tests using specs file
    demonstrate the process of handling untrusted ssl certificates in firefox browser while automating tests with selenium
  • add cookies while automating test executions using webdriver
    write selenium scripts to automate operations on a select drop-down and retrieve the text of the values in the drop-down
    demonstrate how to implement test execution in python using selenium rc server
    describe the lifecycle of web applications and the typical taxonomy that are involved in managing common web application functional scenarios
    recognize prominent components of webdriver and how the architecture of selenium webdriver can help apis to interact with browsers to automate tests
    write selenium scripts to handle basic authentication while working in the pre-production stage on firefox
    recall the security mechanisms that are implemented in applications along with their impact on test automation
    set up test environments using browserstack to test urls in internal networks and configure the selenium test suite to automate tests
    implement webdriver conditional commands in selenium using python to automate tests
    implement singleton design pattern and interfaces using step definition files to model page object implementation with bdd frameworks and selenium webdriver
    determine get or fetch attribute values using scripts rather than using developer tools
    install and configure testng for productive test case authoring
    recall the concept of behaviour-driven development along with the benefits of test automation using behaviour-driven development and selenium
    run multiple selenium webdriver tests in parallel through the same browserstack account
    list methods that can be used to handle keyboard and mouse events with selenium webdriver
    recognize the architecture of selenium grid along with the differences between grid 1 and grid 2 versions
    create a dependency between test cases with a real-time use case scenario
    utilize databases to define and store test data and use it to automate functional testing with selenium python
    recall the concept of logging and list the various log levels that are supported by python and can be used in selenium python
    automate testing scenarios where the animated gifs must show similar animation effect on all browsers
    automate testing proper implementation of multi-factor authentication
    set browser width and height using selenium webdriver
    automate testing drag and drop functionality using the action class of webdriver
    list the prominent testing frameworks that can be used for functional testing of single page application
    automate testing proper multi-factor authentication implementation
    use the implicit wait and fluent wait classes provided by selenium webdriver
    automate testing the context menu functionality of applications using the action class of webdriver
    recall the key features of selenium grid and describe scenarios where selenium grid is a right fit
    manage inline frames while defining test mechanisms using selenium webdriver
    list the products provided by browserstack along with their usage in test automation with selenium


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