Final Exam: Technical Program Management

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Final Exam: Technical Program Management will test your knowledge and application of the topics presented throughout the Technical Program Management journey.


  • Define technical program management
    differentiate between programs, portfolios, projects, and products
    describe the technical program manager's role and responsibilities
    compare the role of the technical program manager with other team roles
    recognize program management frameworks and methodologies
    recognize the challenges of technical program management
    describe activities to define the program
    defining the technical program
    describe a technical program life cycle
    define the technical program
    list activities within the closure phase
    describe integration management in a technical program
    recognize synergy in a technical program
    identify key stakeholders of the technical program
    recognize the tpm role in stakeholder communications
    describe agile fundamentals to stakeholders
    prioritize transparency in technical programs
    recognize the use of feedback loops and retrospectives in technical programs
    promote data privacy, security, and ethics
    prioritize lean program governance
    support transparency and accountability
    apply technical program governance
    recognize the governance framework and structure
    analyze the technical program environmental factors
    determine the need for change
    prepare a change management plan
    apply change management in a technical program
    manage technical program knowledge and artifacts
    examine the performance of the change initiative
    analyze change readiness of the organization and stakeholders
  • identify and resolve unclear requirements
    resolve resource allocation conflicts
    evaluate shifting priorities
    negotiate with challenging stakeholders
    prepare for unknown technology risks
    establish ethics and balance between transparency, privacy, and security
    construct a technical program roadmap
    analyze progress and challenges
    apply strategic alignment in a technical program
    facilitate communication and problem solving
    establish efficient resource utilization
    identify technical program risks
    list internal risks
    recall external risks
    analyze risks
    specify risk escalation procedures
    recognize risk management strategies
    support a devops culture
    establish security principles and practices
    describe systems architecture
    identify cloud-based concepts and solutions
    promote agile values and principles
    discuss essential programming concepts
    identify key performance indicators (kpis)
    evaluate resource utilization
    measure stakeholder satisfaction
    establish agile metrics
    report financial performance
    select technical metrics


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